Chat Rules

  • Chat Rules

    1) Respectful treatment:

    Since Bytro Labs provides you with a chat to communicate, respectful treatment is absolutely essential. Treat others as you yourself would want to be treated. This includes that other people are not to be offended or denounced.

    Also, use of abusive, obscene or suggestive in sexual/offensive nature, to include abbreviated or contracted statements or phrases, is a violation of the chat protocol and warnings/expulsion from the chat for their use will result.

    2) Content:

    Violence and drug glorification, pornographic, racist, Nazi and/or extremist statements, and account names of criminals or dictators of any kind are prohibited and may result in an immediate chat ban, with the option of deleting the accounts responsible. The same applies to links or quotes which distribute such content, or identifying with their ideas.

    3) Privacy:

    The publishing of private correspondence between the members of Supremacy 1914 teams and users is strictly forbidden! This also applies for private communication between users- both PMs and in-chat whispers. If you want to make a private message accessible to the public, the consent of both participants is required. It generally pertains to respect the privacy of the Supremacy 1914 users and basically to not disclose any personal information (address, phone number, email address, RL name ...) of others without their consent.

    4) Provocations/"trolls"*:

    So-called "Trolls" are users who primarily limit themselves to violate the chat rules or general rules of good taste by inappropriate posts. Such behavior will not be tolerated and users who visit the Supremacy1914 chat only for this purpose will be excluded from the chat. To this regard: "Do not feed the Trolls!". Sometimes it is more efficient to simply ignore offensive chat messages instead of sending the desired attention to the provocateurs.

    5) Moderators:

    Players seeking to complain or protest against actions undertaken by staff may do so either by communicating with the staff member in question through the PM-system or through whisper in the chat. It is NOT permitted to discuss the decisions of the moderation team in public. Should you find the reply of the moderator to be unsatisfactory, please report the incident to the Senior Moderator. Deputy modding, i.e. directing the players in the chat without the authority from Bytro systems is not permitted under any circumstances.

    6) Language of the Chat:

    The specified chat language is English. The use of any other languages or dialect (with the exception of common greetings/loanwords) is prohibited- players who wish to speak another language may do so in whisper or by loading the appropriate server, should one exist.

    7) Spam/text walls/advertising for other online games**:

    Empty or no grammatical structure for strings of characters and symbols, or the constant repetition of the same words will be considered spam. In addition, random messages, message flooding and continuous role play conversations will be considered as spam. Uppercase (Caps) are limited to one word per sentence and smilies along with other special commands are to be used as emphasis only. When these are used constantly, this is considered spam and is reacted to accordingly. Text sentences consisting of 7+ standard lines within the standard text box window are considered a text wall and are not allowed. In addition, aggressive advertisement of other games is punishable by a temporary or permanent removal from the chat.

    8) Instructions for cheating:

    All information / instructions on how to use multiple accounts or commit other violations of the Terms and Conditions are prohibited. This includes guidance on how to bypass the anti-cheat system.

    9) File Sharing Tools etc.:

    Discussions of torrents and file sharing tools and links to such tools are prohibited.

    10) Blacklisting:

    The posting of allegations regarding another player (or a group of players) based on past experiences which can either damage or destroy their reputation is to be avoided. This includes statements posted in chat/forums and posts in the in-game newspaper during general game play. This is necessary to prevent a possible witch hunt. Likewise publishing player blacklists or links to such lists is prohibited.

    11) Denunciation of staff members/the game:

    Posts which slander the support staff or the game itself, or posts which are likely to deter new players from chatting, are not welcome. Also, the denunciation of features of the game, especially of Goldmarks and their users, is strictly prohibited.

    12) Answers to, or quoting rule-breaks

    The citing or copying of previous violations can be as bad as the initial violation, and may warrant a similar punishment. This serves that after a violation, the chat rules are enforced as soon as possible. The moderators do not have to specifically indicate an additional warning to it.

    13) Warnings:

    Moderators can issue warnings and/or disable the transgressing player temporarily or permanently for violations of the chat rules. In extreme cases, the transgressing player's account will be deleted. Disciplinary actions on the part of users which lie in the scope of the duties of the moderators, and the demanding of bans are frowned upon and may result in a warning or temporary disabling. Warnings given in chat aren't just for the person violating the rules, they are given in general to everyone on the chat.

    It should be noted that violations of criminal laws in the internet are also subject to prosecution and can be brought to the police.

    Supplementary Information:

    (*) Additional description of "trolls":

    The term troll is used in internet culture for a person who may provoke others strongly in discussions or forums with their contributions. The apparent goal of the troll is disrupting the original communication of a factual issue and for gaining attention.

    (**) Advertising for other games:

    It is allowed to discuss other games and mention them by name; however, it is not allowed to aggressively advertise them as in saying: "Go and play game X, because it is better".