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    I haven't played much of S1 yet however I played the other games and what I can tell by looking at the statistics of the buildings, this is BY FAR the easiest among all of the games in order to manage the morale of provinces.

    I mean, the propaganda office alone gives 200% morale boost at level 5 and not only that, ALL buildings give morale boost, some more some less but all give morale, sooo, yeah.

    I have noticed is way harder to gain resources in the small maps than in the big maps, yet the morale penalty from being far from your capital won't be as a big as in big maps so I guess it is somehow balanced.

    Make it simple, remove the red flicker which only shows for your own provinces and add a fire or a smoke that it'll show in any province with morale below 33%

    Having a lot of red flickers around the map surely will be annoying for many and not being able to see recent conquered provinces by just looking at the map is a bad option.

    I agree with an option for turning this on or off, however I do not want to see it merged with the Morale view. I like being able to see which provinces have a chance of revolting at day change in the regular view. It is similar to the smoke stacks in CoW and makes knowing where to keep troops to suppress uprisings easy (even if it drives me crazy when there is red everywhere!).

    I agree that merging it is not the best option here, however having the map full of red flicker doesn't come even close to having a little smoke over the city, one is annoying and the other isn't.

    PS. I just noticed something else, besides your own, you can't tell what provinces just got conquered by looking at the map, you need to actively click the province to see the morale.

    This is what I see when I open the production tab in a city that only has a harbour, therefore only being able to produce naval units.

    You can see that it is showing Air units instead of Naval units, as the Air icon is selected within the 5 above the units per se, however, it should be opening like this

    it is a minor problem but I think it should be fixed, same applies to the rest of units, if it only has 1 specific building to produce units, then the scroll should directly go down to show the start of that group, not half of it or the end of it, just like shown with the naval units

    could it be a resolution thing? i don't think so, zoom doesn't seem to change anything

    Normally I wouldn't bother but the location of the cities in Spain are far from reality so here it is, I invite others to do the same with other countries.

    So this is the map of Spain with its provinces and this is the map from in-game where I manually added the name it appears in-game with WHITE however I'll write in RED where those same cities should have been.

    Propaganda Office text says "has positive influence on the province's morale trend and money production", however the perks of the Propaganda Office only shows Hitpoints and Morale development, so if it does increase the money production directly as the text says, then it should show it just like we have the Resource Production in the Infraestructure building, however if it doesn't affect directly and it affects it indirectly because of the higher morale then there's no further comment.

    Hi there,

    I've messed around with it and I don't think it's possible to turn off that light flicker. That's not just an indication of morale, but of a critical morale level that is likely to lead to an uprising.

    Allowing its removal or including it in the "province morale" view should do it as a suggestion. It's quite annoying to see that red flicker over and over.

    what is wrong with optimization? I don’t argue that on ancient calculators the game will lag, but if something newer there should be no problems

    the maps on S1 are still small, however in the 500p map from S1914 the performance is awful, you can barely play decently in the end-game

    I have 15 year old videocard (NV GT6600). But I have normal performance in S1914 with WebGL and VERY poor performance in S1: TGW with WebGL2.

    I think that WebGL2 is excess requirement for browser game.

    I'm waiting game designer answer...

    15 year old and still running, jesus christ

    even my dog didn't last that much

    ahhhhhh salty there i see for your information hearths or iron 4 wors the same way with a dumb ai controling wars and player intervension only when needed and its a paid game and is selling well so idk why u need to be salty about it?

    i don't know, maybe the fact this is a MMO-RPG

    MMO standing for Massive Multiplayer Online, not Massive AI Online.

    yes ai are active all the time so this feature will help a lot in deffence

    sure, why not set even more AI and convert the game to a game like those on Android and iOS.


    Then I misunderstood the complain I read it as him not having WebGl. Which to my knowledge is a requirement for S1914. (not certain Alkyonor might be able to confirm that). But as I dont play S1 I can not judge anything from its view.

    You must have a 10 year old device or older in order to not have WebGL, and if that's the case, you probably can't open the game even in legacy view.

    WebGL is indeed part of the revamp view for S1914 and also the standard view for S1, but as said, probably less than 1% have devices that old that can't run WebGL.