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    Old players have learned the game and do not spend that much GM and they have to keep old style servers up.

    A lot of new player would play old school looking game also, but they dont have a chance to play it. Friend of mine, seen me playing old style game and was keen to try it also, but he had no option to play it, new looking game he did not like.

    I cannot stand new style game.

    Keep it simple, apple success story.

    Then more you will play, then more annoyed you will get about GM. At least to me this is the most p2w game what I ever played.

    So much disappointment I had after spending zillion hours spent time and planning tactics ingame. Last game what we played, all coalition members agreed to retire from this game, cos its was brutal. We had Asia and Pacific, from Americas were incoming army, we surrounded them at ocean, but we decided to let their army disembark at Japan and at that moment open fire on them, as that would be the most efficient. Amercias managed to disembark I dunno like 5 troops from all their army and in seconds they did build up, factories, rails, railguns, fighters, bombers tanks, you name it.

    All strategy and planning out of the window.

    Another game what stack in my game. Neightbour was blowing up my infrastructure with GM without invading me and NON stop fixing his airplanes after each raid. Impossible to do something against him. Blowing up my rails with GM, railguns stuck, fighters going down, cos I did not fix them with gm and so on. And on top of that player were toxic AF, cos he was the man u know.

    A lot of games where enemy just bought victory and time was lost for nothing.

    So I gathered a bit info. 3 cases so far.

    Firs member said -

    I have no idea, I was offline. When I logged in to check on the troops, they were already attacking former ally forces. According to DE I attacked him, which of course I had not done. We made peace by accepting a share map offer.Even though peace was established, our relations updated, the same with the paper where the usual article appeared, markets open again etc.. some of the sea travelling troops kept on fighting. After a while a new article popped up in the paper that DNG attacked me. And war continued.

    Other one, had same when he was offline, what I could see, his single arty was at AI range and its could start war.

    And to me, coalition member left, cos went inactive. At first hours when he went inactive I had right on the way, I sent in troops to take positions to take over at morning. I logged in and I was at war with that nation.

    Will keep updating if something similar will happen.



    My coalition members and I had in last few days some bug. Our nations just start war with friendly nations. Few times in ocean and also on land. Is this bug for legacy mode only?


    Good point was made. Do you allow new players to play legacy mode? Cos my friend seen me playing and said he will try it out also, but he could not play it, just new one and he did not like new version and gave up.

    Im not IT master , but old version was running for many years, then what bugs must be fixed and so on, should be polished over the years?

    I must agree, I have same feeling, my screenshots what I posted in said game, was deleted from the newspaper also.

    But I still trying to be positive.

    Can I report from website ?

    I got another player ,same story - account pushing. And he openly saying he wont get banned cos he is using goldmarks.

    Will see do they care 1-2 players or rest of the players from the map.

    I got over GM thing, but account pushing its other thing. Then at least pay money into bank.

    Cheaters must be banned not protected. Once they will get banned, will come back with fresh mindset and will most likely use more GM, as otherwise they just get all for free and no need to spend that much. If someone covering cheaters.


    Ottomans pulled every single man at very start far away from his lands, to Pakistan. Most likely through Arab lands and cleared land there for Arabia.

    Day 5 and Arabia got 53 provinces, but at very start he lost almost all his army to Hejaz. Don't know what happened in Anglo-Egyptian Sudan, but also lands for free at day 3.

    yeah definitely it was account pushing. I done first time report no action was taken, reported after 72h and with screenshots and a lot others players did report and he got banned.

    But today my report button disappeared, is it bug or what is going on? I cant report noone anymore.


    Could some top man confirm, can I call my friend to work as feeding account for me? Seems like it's not against rules, but I just would like confirmation as I don't want to get banned.

    As example I play as French Morocco and my neighbour's are Spain and France in same coalition. Early days Spain pulled every single man away from his lands and France took over with no single shot fired.

    Next day in province was uprising and France lost 2 troops. Total 2 troops lost for all Spain's lands. So he got all his lands for free. I reported, but action is not taken. So it is legit to do it? There is no doubt or something, it was done purposely as I was watching closely and were ready to defend against them, I'm surrounded by wolfpack from same gang France, Spain + some north African countries.


    Ugh, you finally admit you are a GM spender as well...

    Did I say I never did? First time when I started, I went crazy, with spending. Got outplayed and lost. Had my lessons.

    Its not about the players spending it, but how game allows it at ridiculous levels. But, its business and they know how to make profit the most. I will just finish what started and wont look back if nothing will change. BTW I love how game is designed, I kind of care, that's why Im moanish. Im talking from player standpoint.

    They should limit some GM options, as blowing up provinces, repair units after fight ( player most likely already bought it) fortress building in few seconds, cos its changes everything. Then player could work out smth. Now you just do whatever you want with cash.

    Regards mate

    Thanks for replies. I do not enjoy spending my time,for weeks,months just to get destroyed and without any chance to fight back. Just to squeeze out from players more gm.? I can do it very effectively ,but not for free.

    Bytro PM me, you know who I am, we met before . I will make you a lot of cash,if we team up :)


    I once beat a GM whale by simply taking out a whole bunch of the toys he bought (he knew how to buy them, not how to use them) and then I sent him a little in game message saying, "Hey, win or lose, you're doing great things for my stats. Thank you." He rage quit.....LOL

    He he, good job mate. Problem is when someone who got skill and use gm. I managed to win some game without gm, but its very though.

    This thread you started said some complaint about B&W posts in Newspaper, now you are talking about spy reports and seems like you are indicating propaganda here in the Forum, as none of us here are in your map following the propaganda web you are weaving... good luck with your 'non-complaints' ;)

    As for discrepancy in color or B&W, it is a BUG that happens occasionally, nothing that will harm the game or fight against other players IMO

    Best way to speak to players in your specific map is by posting Newspaper articles, using in-game diplomacy messages or the new in-game chat

    You okey? I asked here for help, cos its do not work for me, as for others. Where is some complaint in this post? That others can upload colourful picture and I cant?

    I did not know, maybe I did upload wrong picture format or whatever.

    I do not complain with that post, its part of the propaganda. Cut out from spy report and let them guess, who is betrayal in their coalition so I can get off pressure from me for a moment.