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    Is the delay of units reset or shortened once units are in combat or do you just mean that the delay cannot be prolonged anymore once the units are in combat modus?

    What is the max delay time? was there not a trick to set a really long delay time?

    • Ranged units, such as artillery, did not automatically attack enemy units within range immediately, effectively allowing enemy units to operate within its range for up to a few minutes before being shot at.From now on ranged units will commence the bombardment of enemy units as soon as they get in range, in case their fire command doesn’t prevent such actions.

      Actually, the end of Hit and Run is announced here.

    Province order + current_morale = 102 = target_morale

    102 is the target morale when all the variable morale factors sum to zero.

    Province order combined with the current morale is always 102, so together they are constant. It would be best to either mention the current_morale as a factor as well or to omit province_order as a real morale_factor. It is just confusing now; latter option would be better.

    For more info on province morale: S1914 GAME INFO
    Or check the discord in my banner.

    Legacy will soon disappear and there is no stopping this. Since some changes to the revamp are likely to be made before it does, it is a good time to let the Devs know what needs to be changed about the revamp (new UI/user interface). This small and UNOFFICIAL survey has been set up to better identify and asses the issues the community has with the new UI and to point them out to the developers.

    Please fill out the small survey. It is not required to answer every question.…DS26xbu7TaHktcF3jM9QzOw4/

    Supremacy 1914

    We are a server created to provide information and guidance for your Supremacy 1914 games. With a custom Discord bot, you can access dozens of graphs and charts that display important data related to Supremacy troops, provinces, morale, and more, as well a predictive combat indicator. Pieces of information that were formerly only available in scattered forum posts have been collected in one place, where everyone can easily find and use them.

    To complement this, there are dozens of experienced players and Bytro team members available, who are likely to answer questions and give advice for your games at any time.

    In addition, you can also enjoy a game-show style trivia round, where you can compete against other people to answer questions prompted by the bot. Here you can learn about the world while also having fun, and is perfect for when you have just a few minutes to spare.

    The new revolt values were short lived. The revolt values have been simplified and reduced today.

    The values are now linear and depend no longer on damage, but strength, that contrary to damage increments proportionally with every unit of every unit-type. This results in suppressing revolts completely with mere infantry in provinces with very low morale (even a 2% province can be completely suppressed with 20 (91%+ morale) inf). Compared to the previous system it is now a lot easier to completely suppress revolts in general.

    The garrison-strength takes into account either the attack-strength or defense-strength based on what value is higher, resulting in both cavalry and armored cars adding 2.4 strength (at 100% morale/condition) to the garrison strength. It thus depends on the max strength of the garrison.



    Thanks to user Lethal Legume for helping out.

    The Europe 1914 historical map is the only map that has variable population. This post contains a population chart depicted here and some effects of population on important game aspects:

    Population effects a lot of game aspects, but that is only noticeable and relevant in this map.

    Some effects:

    • economic output (resources and output) is proportional to population (2000000 population will have half the output of the default 4000000 pop province)
    • corruption naturally is proportional to population
    • number of starting infantry is 1 for every 400k population rounded upwards. (highly populated provinces have more starting infantry)
    • infantry recruitment time is inversely proportional to population
    • upkeepcost of provinces is proportional to population

    Double resource provinces in the regular EU map, that are depicted as single resource provinces in this historical map also have double economical output and infantry recruitment. This is because the output is doubled as in regular maps, but below a certain threshold output of 6000, due to population. This implies that you can have very valuable provinces that produce just under 6000 due to population being depicted as single resource provinces.

    output = morale/100 * corruption * population/4000000 * constant * bonus_single/double

    Money and resource output have a different constant. The bonus factor is either 1 (if the province is a single resource province on the regular map) or 2 (if the province is a double resource province in the regular EU map).

    There are 3 pre-game fixed teams in this map. People are unable to attack team-members and to alter team affiliation.


    The USA-MEXICO map has the peculiarity that economical output is somewhat variable despite population being homogeneous. Also the maps starts with corruption at 12%.