How to greatly Increase Defense - Flower Defense

  • I want to share all knowledge with players to level the playing field against those players which rely upon gold to compensate for unwillingness to put in the work and learn the game... Some exploits are just too Over Powered to give to some of the gold users which I have witnessed spend MILLIONS in gold on a single map...

    So while being one that goes to lengths to explain and share with the community I have now aligned myself as one of the 'gate keepers' on a couple things I will NOT share outside of my alliance....

    Not only 'gate keeping' with gold players but also with Bytro, they can figure things out as we figure out how to take advantage of the updates...

    After seeing how Bytro crippled the Flower Bouquet Defense in recent update but has never done anything to cripple HnR, I am now hesitant to share certain things on the Forum since it seems Bytro attempts to imbalance the game to benefit ONLY those players which will spend huge amounts of GOLD... This dynamic will not change IMO

  • ok I am asking mods to create separate topic so original topic is not related to motives behind our work

    I would also advice not to put in my mouth things I have never said - if Fury keeps things for her alliance it does not mean I do the same. My alliance is a test object and I never shared a single thing with them as most of them except one do not play game since years.You can easily check by looking on our last alliance game where I fight alone against enemy alliance.

    But there are things that will stay with me and I will gate-keep them from Unbalanced Group. I met such a guy lately on Dominium speed map. He was spreading everywhere, intimidating everyone. Account active 25h per day so we know what is happening there. No thinking- just HNR 25 times per day. So I destroyed him using lvl 2 strategies that way he escaped from the map to save his stats. This is why we share lvl 2 strategies- so you can defend from anyone who may be avoiding game rules. We are giving you fighting chance to stay on the map long enough for a team to make their decision. You can also always give opponent hard ban with your army if you decide there is no reason to let him stay on map.

    Your best weapons against anyone from the Unbalanced Group are knowledge, skills and experience. That way you can influence faith of 500 maps even with 10 provinces.

    GL & HF

    ps. I have no intent of going into any discussion in that topic any further, Topic is only about basic concept of Defense Flower. It works, needs some adjustments after last nerf . More info can be gathered after more testing. For now use your creativeness to update basic concept.

  • Archive only really applies to threads that have become stagnant for a significant period of time or is not productive to the collective welfare of the community. Where there is recent activity that contributes to the base of knowledge the thread attempts to share, it remains open and accessible to all that wish to either glean knowledge, contribute to it or debate it.
    As this is a thread that seems to have a regular activity, I do not see it going away anytime soon folks.

  • flower is still evolving so you need to keep your eyes open

    lately - offensive flower works as expected

    defensive flower- works us expected against range units

    defensive flower vs melee units- not so great because delay units go to attack mode at some point

    there would be more articles once we finish AWT and have more data collected about newest flowers and bastions.

  • Is the delay of units reset or shortened once units are in combat or do you just mean that the delay cannot be prolonged anymore once the units are in combat modus?

    What is the max delay time? was there not a trick to set a really long delay time?

  • Something has changed with the time allowed for delay which changes stance of the units from defending to attacking, even when going back and checking status I have seen this change, I have made habit of double checking things because some orders are not implemented, sometimes have to log out, then log back into game to ensure orders are taken, maybe a bug or maybe Bytro has been quietly changing the mechanic to destroy flower exploit same as HnR exploit has been changed??