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    Les nouvelles mises à jours sont mauvaises pour le jeu, vous êtes clairement en train de détruire la communauté de joueurs fidéles qui jouaient et qui étaient investit dans le jeu. Notamment avec la suppression du hit and run , et ce pour favoriser les personnes mettant de l'argent dans le jeu, car après tout, c'est tout ce qui importe, difficile de lutter contre les mass gmeur à présent. Il existe toujours des techniques viables mais je suppose qu'elles seront suprimées elles également par la suite. Juste pour vous dire que tout ceci est une honte, et que globalement la communauté trouve cela abbérant. Si votre objectif est de faire de supremacy un jeu ou celui qui a la plus grosse ... gagne à tout les coups, vous allez perdre votre communauté active de vrai joueurs investit.

    Bien cordialement

    To sum that up in a nutshell for you. He is saying that the new updates are ruining the game for people who don't spend GM or want to buy GM to play the game. Particularly with the removal of HnR or Shoot and Scoot you don't leave anyone tools with which they've enjoyed and may be able to beat someone who spends lots. He says you're turning the game into "Who has the biggest...."....(I'm assuming wallet) wins and you're destroying the community of REAL players in the game.

    Actually HNR is not a big issue because you can use a sacrificial stack of inf to attract fire and then move in, fire on the stack and pull back out again, it's just a matter of working with the 1 hour hit rate. There is also another method which I shall refrain from discussing on here. Anyway, continued good gaming everyone.

    Gentlemen and ladies, I suggest that the inquiry by the OP has been answered and I don't think discussion about multi accounts can be fruitful for anyone here. ESPECIALLY discussions about potential ways to get around the anti-cheat. Jus' sayin'.

    Your only recourse is to speak with whomever banned you. Discussion of ANY bans in the forum or in the global chat is strictly forbidden. I suggest you take it up privately with the GO who implemented the ban.

    To whomever it was that made the decision to bring back Legacy, you have my heartfelt thanks. Also, IF the new UI can become as easy to work with as Legacy, yes, I will definitely switch over but for the time being, I shall thoroughly enjoy Legacy while I can.

    Real Complaint: Finding this game very un-competitive. I have won most every game, but realize that if every Player is in a Coalition; 9 Players "win" and get gold.....?!?!

    There are rarely 9 live Players in a game after Day 2.....

    Actually in Supremacy the maximum number allowed in a coalition is 7 and that is only in the 500p game. 5 for the 100p game and 3 in all the rest. So, you will never encounter a 9 person coalition.

    Actually, there's a simple rule of thumb in communications. Hot foreground, cool background and cool foreground, hot background. Hot colours are white, yellow, red, orange while cold colours are blue, black,, green, and purple. The shading of colours also have effect. i.e. Dark brown with white letters would be fine but light brown (sand) takes brown into a warm colour.

    Okay, I swore the last post was going to be my final word but it's kind of like playing the lottery -- you buy ONE more ticket in the vain hope that IT is going to be the winner.

    I could easily turn this post into a list of complaints but that would not help anyone. I'm going to specify some things with the new UI and potential FIXES - drawing on my own experience developing Graphics and User Interfaces and Controls.

    Let's start with the first one. The REALLY pretty 3D graphics for everything. Okay, let's keep them BUT only have them active when you're zoomed all the way IN. This way, when you're zoomed out, you can run with Tactical Army Displays aka Legacy look. Let's also work with those graphics so we don't have Battleships the size of Sicily, if they only show full size when zoomed right in, we should be able to eliminate such things.

    Secondly, we now have pretty moving water BUT we sacrifice the little dots that used to let us know the shipping routes. AGAIN, work with the zoom so that moving water can happen in full zoom mode AND/OR be disabled completely so the POINTS can move to the FRONT of the layer.

    The ability to work with the Administrative Menu is paramount and needs to be addressed immediately. ESPECIALLY in the 100 and 500 games, you simply will not be able to play without devoting an additional 6 to 8 hours of time JUST to make sure all your cities are doing what you want them to do. Seriously, take a look at the old Legacy version of the Menu and make it work and look like that. This is one are where Function over Form is paramount.

    This next suggestion may hurt a little but I'm going to make it anyway. It seems to me that people keep coming forward and saying they want suggestions from us on how to improve things and we need to have patience. WE (the customers) keep making suggestions and even submitting bug reports but it APPEARS to us that it's akin to shouting during a hurricane, NOBODY can hear us or is listening because instead of getting things we ASK for, we get things that NOBODY asks for. Now before you jump down my throat, I'm going to tell you a phrase that I have LIVED with for my entire life. Perception IS Reality.

    I'm still around in the hope things are going to get better but that little hope is getting smaller by the day.