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    There's a lot of people who prefer the playing style of S1914 compared to S1/CoW. I'm one of them and joined this year. I joined all 3 games and prefer this version and would be happy to contribute where I can if others don't want to. I know many others who would say the same.

    Frosty, don't quit pushing for your ideas. Hastings is right about his analysis but if we just give up and do nothing, it makes it easy on them. What Bytro doesn't realize is that they are setting up a "We / They" situation by abandoning S1914 and that is NEVER a healthy relation when your customers feel like they're being viewed as the "enemy".

    Frosty, don't get me wrong, I LIKE your idea but I have to agree with Hastings, I don't think they'll implement something that won't put bucks in their pockets.

    I like your idea but have you seen how many times a day mods have to answer the question in help of, "How do I build a factory?" OR "Why can't I build a factory?" Do you honestly think those users would be able to handle a more complex building queue?

    The whole achievements section has gone insane. There used to be a time when you got a little NOTIFICATION when you logged on about what medals, badges, ribbons, and even promotions that you achieved but alas, that has now been regulated to the "Never Never List" of things they've promised to fix.

    In short, don't expect anything to be done about it in the future.

    I think I posted it somewhere else already: Currently the strength values needed to suppress revolts is too high, they will be lowered in an upcoming update.

    Thank you Freezy. I WILL hold you to this and will not allow it to slip onto the "Never Never List" Expect me to bring it up once a month or so. :)

    We didn't modify the fighting mechanics, they are the same now for years.

    If you attack with 30 infantry, then not all 30 Infantry deal full damage. An army with 30 Inf is actually rather close to an army of 15 Inf in terms of damage output. See "size factors" in the game manual.

    Fair enough, you didn't adjust the fighting mechanics, however, when you adjusted the morale that made a change in the fighting mechanics, didn't it? I'm sure that morale of units is part of the equation when it comes to either attacking or defending along with other elements such as location (fort, sea, etc) But yes, the original question still comes from the poster trying to get an answer about how he attacks a group with a much larger group and gets the same casualties in the end.

    Psych, I'm sorry to hear about your experience and wish you all the best out there. However, if you're still here, please know that your experience in that one game was a blip. Not ALL GM whales are willing to go to that extent in a game. You can take solace in the fact that your coalition beat him and I strongly suspect he must have been cursing you to high heaven even while he was wasting all that gold. The 500 games tend to be peppered with the whales and that's good but hopefully you will be able to find one or two games where you can beat them with teamwork and perhaps he or she won't choose you as the main target.

    In the meantime, I suggest you try a few of the smaller games to get your own personal morale back up. Cheers and good luck, bud.

    Okay, this disruption to both corruption and morale is beginning to get ridiculous. When we have to leave 15 men behind in a province to ensure it doesn't rebel means taking an already SLOW game and making it even slower. Seriously, we're being PENALIZED because we're trying to expand and win the game. With most 500p games taking around 180 days to win I suspect that number is now going to increase to more like 270 or so with these new morale rules.:cursing::cursing::cursing:

    It's a cute idea and I'm sure that a few of the Dev's would like it also because it basically guarantees employment for them for quite awhile. (Coming up with the graphics, getting rights for certain graphics, then developing animation with potential outcomes being victory, defeat or stalemate. I'm going to go out on a limb here, but I suspect your chances of this are pretty close to Zero to nil. Besides, they already have more than enough to do with trying to trace down all the bugs developed just from their latest update, not to mention all the ones they know about and are busy trying to fix.