Patchnotes - Update 2019-05-14

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    Attention generals!

    Today’s release includes a number of small game improvements and bug fixes. This includes a reduction of memory usage in the WebGL version and setting the relation view mode as standard view mode.

    For details see the complete list of changes below:


    • Set relation view mode as standard view mode in the WebGL version

    Mobile Improvements:

    • Improved army bar and province bar on S1914 mobile, making relevant information better readable
    • Added infantry auto-recruitment timer to province radial menu

    Bug fixes:

    • Reduced memory usage of WebGL version
    • Reduced occurrence of units turning invisible significantly for the WebGL version
    • Province garrisons concealed by fog of war can no longer be identified via the cursor icon.
    • Display no longer turns partially white on iPhone 6 and iPhone X after sending messages after a trade offer

    We hope you like the changes and wish you good luck on the battlefield!

    Your Bytro Team