Flanders Front - Join The 3rd Battle of Ypres now

  • Taking into consideration that Bytro mixed here new grahics, with new unit system and new map without giving time to familirize with any of them ( maybe except graphics).

    Having road system that completely changes way how you move on the map.

    Adding to chaos newbies who cannot even cover roads on that map and use defense unit to attack and offense unit to defend.

    You finish without a country as 1 enemy inf walks into you country using highway passing by your allies - I still say it is chaos not worth a time.

    In general - from Supremacy we have here 0 content. So all experience from playing supremacy is usless IMHO.

    I cannot even recognize if I am attacking French , British or Neutrals. Or if my southern neighbour is in front of me or behind me. Adding to confusion AI allied units walking everywhere. And those huge graphic objects covering map so I cannot even see if I am standing in town or next to town or if I am walking into town or already fighting...

    Tooooo much untested content in one go. If you have introduced that bit by bit. First Graphic, then map, then road system, in the end new units- maybe it would be possible to swallow it, but throwing everything to one pot and hoping it will work somehow and people will use it because they will get 10 k GMs.... well I must say I regret wasting my time even for that 10 k Gms as I can but they for 1 pound anyway

    As a game designer I must say I would not risk it that way. To much to lose on a producers side. People can be put off from new updates and events. They can assume this is a new way how things will work. Some like schkopen already started to look for a new game ;-). There is a good reason why some people play COW and hate Supre, and same reason have people who play Supre and hate COW...

    Do it step by step and allow us to play map with new graphic (if you cannot run it in Legacy) but without new units. Step by step.

    Do you remember how many people left when you allowed HitAndRun and then moved from Java to HTML. Same thing will be happening here I guess. You will probably have to look for a new base of players.

    Anyway thanks for the huge effort, but ..

    NO thx

  • I cannot even recognize if I am attacking French , British or Neutrals. Or if my southern neighbour is in front of me or behind me.

    I post the advice here again: If you have trouble keeping enemies, allies and neutrals apart you are probably not playing with the "relation view mode" turned on. In this mode all allies are painted in blue, all enemies in red, all neutrals in yellow and yourself in green. Much better map overview that way. In case you did not try it, please try it :) (Otherwise please ignore this :D)

    Also, don't worry about the S1914. The game you currently love will stay as it is, there is no plan to forcefully push all this new content into the main game. We will communicate more about our plans with the new content in the future.

  • ths freeezy

    I was using that but as I say - flags are so small I cannot recognize troops form where do they come from

    other thing- I never know if my unit is in town, or next to towm. especially planes with this strange refueling mechanic seems to be going out of a twon. I tried to use planes like in supre but they got stuck in melee somehow ...Cannot see a thing if I made mistake standing outside a town or they caught me while flying to close. Any idea? Cannot see aa thin durign battles in a new look