Extra reinforced railways

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    as we know railways has 6 hitpoints

    it happens I found railway with 9 hitpoitns hidden in a jungles of Malay. funny thing is the there was no railway when I was choosing this place for spies. Still railway does not seem to be damaged at all. I believe that Military Spies system is broken badly.

  • Golden Buddha

    Changed the title of the thread from “Extra reinforced railwasy” to “Extra reinforced railways”.
  • Yep, been like this for a couple of years now.. Military and economic sabotage spies are bugged, they give out incorrect reports.. Military ones tend to report damaging a lot more than what they really have, impossible figures like that train and economic spies also exagerate the amount of morale they reduce, have seen -70% when in reality was only 5/10%.