Own units are visible, but not able to do anything with them

  • Hello,

    in game #2690310, I have some units on spot between asia and america(Alaska). If I am just moving between this area, it is ok. But if I place units there, just between closest way of two continents, these units are visible on the map, but I can not mark(grab) this units and do anything. So basically I didn't loose them, but they are fixed on the position without any chance to use them any more. See on the picture my fleet of 21 ships and 5 infantry.

    Any sollution to use them again of fixed the problem with this issue?

  • Yep mate

    if you zoom out you will see line going north- south

    that is date change line.... place where you should not stop your units

    they will be trapped there and you can do only one thing abbut that.

    doubel click on units of similar type so you can choose all units ot this kind and move them. Do it for evey single unit type.

    Unfortunatelly you cannot target untis in that 'Bermuda Triangle' but you can use Agressive fire to shoot at them or just swim through them for melee

  • i have another option in order to select those units

    if you know the code of your units, such as unit CC27 then search for it with Ctrl+f

    if you don't know the code of your units, then you have 2 options:

    if it's a mechanized unit, such as artillery, tanks, battleships, etc, try search for it in the diplomacy while simulating the offer of a unit, you'll get a list of your units and try to search for those that could be the unit that its trapped, you'll get the right one sooner or later

    the other option is to click a unit and use arrows, left and right, to swip between units until you get to the unit that it's stuck, that way you'll have it selected and you'll be able to move it, also, you'll now know the unit code


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