Elite AI for all! - Patch Notes

  • I would like Bytro to fix couple of things

    1. so the servers do not lag

    2. that 10 000 allied troops defending allied , empty fort - really defends it and enemy cannot take it like that without single shoot

    3, when I try to write coalition description page does not jump to the top

    4. In general I would like that DE, diplomacy, building panel do not jump to the start as this makes me crazy

    can we do simple things that will make that game much better?

  • So much issues with the game already before this update came, they made it much worse when they removed trading resources or units with other neutral players.

    I don't mind the removal trading of units (to prevent cheaters from abusing that feature), but it's clearly unrealistic if we aren't able to trade resources with other neutral nations. What's the point of having diplomacy then?

  • one good thing after update

    If you have skills and you do not die from terrible supremacy diseases ( rushing, multing,wolfpacking,gming,friednpacking) in first 2-3 weeks, then it is actually easier to kill most of players

    the only problem stays when someone is spawning units with gold, but it also means that gold players will spawn gold units for better players, not some regular folks so I am guessing there would be more cooperation between gold and skilled players. Rich need someone who can operate armies, skilled need armies ....

    I am always happy to do some work..if the price is right..