Harvesting morale - How to quickly rise morale of 50 mln troops to 100% for free

  • Many of you know that killing enemy units give you small boost of morale ( only inf and cav have morale ). It does not work on mech units from what I saw.

    what you do not know in majority of cases is how to sue it to you advantage.

    So let me tell you that - small army attacking similar size army and winning will take a lot of casualties. So gains in morale rise from killing enemy will not be as great as loses from fighting him.

    It is better to fight big vs small. You lose much less and can see straight away how your army gains morale.

    Now you can gain morale with melee fight or range fight. Plane units do not get anything from killing enemies because they are mechs.

    Whole stack is gaining that boost. So if 1000 melee stack kills enemy - all of them gain morale boost. If 10 000 stack with arts shoot enemy- all of them gain morale boost.

    1. From melee fight rise is , lets say it honest, disappointing. 1% maybe 2% from what I saw and it is hard to catch enemy running away on speed march. It also depends greatly on number of enemy units destroyed. The more- the better.

    2. With range units you create Tabors, Tertios, sea stacks on ships ( army on ship do not lose morale at all - nice), RG support ( stack with RG does not lose morale- very nice :D). You shoot enemies and you gain morale 1-5 %. Rather higher amounts if you kill a lot of enemies but at least 1 % for every single inf killed.

    So if you now imagine 20 000 000 infs and cavs with 2 000 arts ( I saw that on my own eyes) is weak on morale from killing half of Asia, lets say 40%, you just gather them around and start shooting bot units or enemy units that are around. How many of you saw defender sending lemmings ( 100* 1 inf running in direction of fort that is supposed to be defended). They all run under fire of enemy cannons which are just waiting to harvest morale for free. in the worst case scenario they need to kill 60 * 1 inf, could work faster if they kill bigger enemy groups.

    3. You can also go for defense harvesting. ie. if you are using flower and enemy is left with couple of units - it is good idea to turn your flower into 1 unit to get morale bonus for the whole defensive stack when they kill enemy.

    SO ..... if you are ok with sacrificing speed for morale you go for range unit stacks and send such a harvesters on the mission.

    Just remember not to waste your gains- if you are standing in newly conquer province ( 25%) morale morale of your stack will go down up to 15% ( I saw it in 2016, could be more ). So it is better to send unit with delay to conquer empty province just after Day Change (DC) than to conquer it before DC.

    Also one thing about Rebelling provinces. A lot of people will tell you how many units to keep to secure province from rebellion. I saw 20 units rebelling, I saw even ACs and arts rebelling to enemy side. Leave 1 unit 8:30 sec from town and if it rebels- you reconquer it straight away with microjump.

    Now I hope this was informative as this is one of advanced tactics that is very well hidden from public. I believe you guys deserve to know it so - there you guy.

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    If post hits 50 likes I will give even better harvesting method.

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