• Hello

    I was playing map but went on vacation for too long and turned afk. As it happens 2nd place was also afk so guy from the third place finished map.

    He got gms not a medal

    I did not get medal or gms

    I was told first that because i was afk i did not get any

    also I was told that after 360 days on map you do not get medals

    plz check info bellow for reference - user:milcoll73. never got a medal

    now I need definite and true answer- when is the last day when we can get medals from 500. I mean answer is needed asap as we have 339 days and hoping to do battle royale. CM, SGO and GO are giving me 3 different answers : 345, 360, unlimited . I would love to know definitely what is the date.

    Plz can somebody answer correctly so I do not lose 3rd gold medal.

    thank you

  • Golden Buddha

    Changed the title of the thread from “WHERE IS MEDAL FORM 500 MAP?” to “WHERE IS MEDAL FROM 500 MAP?”.
  • After double checking with the team to make sure that the answer is as definite and true as possible... I can say that medals do not have a time limit.

    thank you for answer

    then user milcoll73 (South Borneo) should have been awarded bronze medal for a 3rd place

    he has not received any medal for that map for over a year

    I believe there is some kind of bug that stops system from giving medals on the longer maps

    I had similar case and Boris S. helped us retrieve medals from that 500 map that lasted around 250 days. Not a single one of us received medals from the system after game was finished. silver medal case