Battle Royale 2: East India COmpany map

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    I wanted to announced another big battle for the first place

    Map was hard fought and we decided to give the medals to whoever is able to fight for them. After I took control of the map around 120th day only wars 1 vs 1 were allowed to get to the point where we are now. Only the fittest warriors stayed. All other types of players: diplomatic, backstabbing, friend packing and wallet warriors lost in wars 1 vs 1 against fighters. This only proves that skills are more important.

    Right now there is a fierce war for a 3rd place between Yakutia and Sar Daria. It is possible that Colombia will try his luck against Yakutia veterans.

    Golden Buddha & Hastings TNT will be fighting respectively for the 1st and second place.

    Below we show you stats of participants .

    If Hastings agrees to streaming we can stream live whole battle during one of the weekends. Let us know if you would like to see that.

    You can also create separate topic where you bet in GMs who will win.

    Current stats are 4-1 for Buddha though I will not be using my full army here.


    Edited once, last by Hastings TNT: Hastings TNT formally agrees to streaming of upcoming "battle royale' so we can stream live whole battle and that any which might be interested in witnessing Doom stacks , massive Naval forces and Air forces, might learn and also enjoy this rarest huge scale of Fighting. Kind Regards, Hastings TNT ().

  • Golden Buddha

    specializes in air combat, is also proficient in melee and take advantage of dmg indicators. quite good with regular range units if the fire mods work as intended ( tertios squads).

    Strong sides: quick, powerful blows after which he needs to take a break to regain strength.

    Weak sides: stamina, due to lack of activity he needs to take a break after some powerful hits.





    land units:


  • Golden Buddha

    Changed the title of the thread from “Bttle Royale 2: East India COmpany map” to “Battle Royale 2: East India COmpany map”.
  • I would disagree on the implication that Fighter skill as seen in 1 vs 1 is superior to others, especially the Diplomat.

    It all depends on the make up of the players.

    A Diplomat can make up for their own lack of tactical skill by allying with a tactical player and listening to his advice.

    Likewise the Diplomat can sometimes make up for an economic deficiency by pooling and trading within an alliance or outside of it.

    Again it all depends on the make up of the players in the game.

  • Show me that diplomat who can listen to a tactical player and win against fighter in a Supremacy1914. I will gladly meet him. I met many diplomats, none was able to follow any instructions as they mostly created donut coalitions and ask others to fight. When war came to them they conquered empty allies for a cause, then run to a bigger coalition to protect themselves and if you still followed them they simply turn afk to save stats. That reminds me I have to write an article about those players.

    You do not take into consideration that fighters are tactical and strategical players at the same time as they rarely rely on diplomacy . Even if your diplomat follows tactical advices he has already lost on a strategic level