Newspaper highly unreadable

  • As far as I know the newspaper doesn't tell you how things are destroyed. It won't even take you to the spot of the conflict. I find this last particularly annoying because I don't have every army letter/number designation memorized so I have no idea what was destroyed or where it was destroyed.

    With that being said I am going take a wild guess that your light cruisers were destroyed by ranged weapon fire. Most likely rail guns if they were near a coast. If the rail guns are not in visual range, the game doesn't seem to show you they are even under fire.

  • they were destroyed by 1LC which materialized into 1200infs with 26 BSes. Display error.

    Still - back in the days you had

    one topic about wars

    one topic about building things

    one topic about spies

    one topic about diplomacy i guess

    not 22 topic about same things mostly with different numbers of casualties inn war ranging from 3 M: 8M to 4 M:26 M.

    I probably need answer from coders who created newspaper code as I have no idea what is happening there.

    I though it is divided into continents but I ma not sure about that any more.