Newspaper and non visible areas

  • When you click at an army, there are buttons to go to the previous and the next army. These buttons are partially in front of some text. This should be fixed, so I can see in future, which army is attacked by this army :P

    And there is a newspaper bug. When you take the last province of an opponent, the number of soldiers defeated in that war isn't shown in the current newspaper anymore.

    When I click on show only the neighbors in the diplomacy view, I'm the only one that is shown.

    I think another problem happens after switching between two games. I cannot select certain buttons anymore. When I click on the peace symbol in the diplomany board, nothing happens. When I create an offer on the market to sell a ressource, no ressource can be selected. The solution for me is to open a new tap and load the game here.

    I use the german version of the game in different browsers (chrome, edge, safari) with the same problems.

  • The bug in the diplomacy view where you never see neighbors of you select to only show them, Bytro does not seem to be willing to fix that bug since 6 months now. It's a function that they simply broke by an update and just since then do not fix. I wonder if Bytro even has something that tests against new code, but they have made some many mistakes in the past that it makes the community belief that Bytro is unable to do any quality checks before releasing code to the live game.