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    Can we have hotkeys in the game? Or, if there are please someone let me know. Such as 'M' for "Move" or 'A' for "attack" etc etc. I don't think that should be too hard to set up.

    Back in the good old days with the awesome Java-UI we had that. For unknown reasons this has been removed ...

    Whoa whoa whoa. I did it about a week or two back. Had 13 inf with a fort (Don't recall the level) They had higher morale than the ELEVEN 11 men coming to attack them. Set the flower with all 13. which was over an HOUR from them being attacked. First attack, I lost 7 and he lost 6. Second attack, fort destroyed and he took the city with one man left. It's been PATCHED.

    Similar to my experience. I made similar observation about 4 weeks ago.

    Are you doing this split during combat? If so, I'd say you trigger a new battle - that one unit you splitted off your stack and this one unit instantly gets destroyed by the attacking enemy.

    Nevertheless - the way Budda describes the flower here in this thread never worked that well for me. It ended up in boosting te enemy's morale remarkable because at some tick, the enemy stack was lucky and killed dozends of my single units.

    For me, it works waaaay better if you combine handful of stacks to be in bastion defense.

    Spies do gather information or harmful actions during day change, but nothing similar do I propose that the unit "pioneer" should be able to do. Everything, their attributes and costs and requirements are the following.

    You guys seem to mix the text about the attribute description which was only meant to embroid the unit as such and give some description what the pioneer unit was use in WWI for. Please don't mix it.

    In addition to trading province for province , you can sell a province to an allie... so you have trade and sell to deal with this.

    I am not positive on exact limit of selling province, but for trading it is +/- four per map, I will do some testing to determine if the sell province is encompassed in the +/- 4 per map game mechanic

    4 per Map at all? (Selling only)

    honestly i feel this is very unnecessary. Thus sounds like good amount of coding work as the trade system purely is build one one-by-one. Just make all other offers before your final peace for peace trade.

    As of now, if you do not enough resources for building or contructing all units or building, you are only offered to buy the rest with Goldmark until the need is satisfied.

    I propose to improve that. As shown in the screenshot, there is not enough fish for both cavalery but I have enough fish for one. So when I click the "hammer" button, build only one unit.

    This function is used often when you select multiple provinces one the map and want to produce as many of an unit type as possible. As of now, I would have to figure out in which of the provinces that I've select, I do not have Barracks, deselect that one and then build the cavalary.

    Hastings, that first part sounds like a bad bug.

    Second, though I appreciate your opinion about trust and coalitions and diplomacy as such, please detach that all from my proposal. I said it couple of times - I do not want to solve any of those "problems" with my proposal of a virtual stock market, I said it would be one effectiv tool to make a coalitio with players that want it, to be stronger and quicker in upgrading and developing structures and deploying units.

    Again, please don't discuss about how people behave in that game. That's driving this topic in a direction where the proposal is not pointing to.

    Thanks for your time reading.

    also I notice in Legacy you see 10 provinces in panel , in ne UI you see only 5 provinces in the Admin panel.

    That's why the new UI sucks. Everything is just so unnecessarly big and "space-taking" - where the legacy UI is awesome in it's simplicity! But that's a whole different topic ...

    Just to add a visual example of what we say:

    The 4 selected provinces are on various positions in the overview panel.

    Enable the player to do the following:

    If one selects multiple provinces on the map itself, when you open the province overview panel, have the option to sort the list by the selected provinces. As of now, the default sorting is by name.

    With the option to show the list sorted by "selected", the player has a quick and very helpful overview of buildings and constrution & production status of each province.

    Here are several things. Although I know that this is pretty much like about 2years already, I like to file it as bug/error because it's heavily anoying.

    1. If you play on a resolution less then 1920px width, the fucking advertisements spam is taking up to about 1/3 of the available screen width if browser window is maximized.

    2. If you use the province overview and select a province, it always centers the whole screen under the overview menu. So you never see where the selected province really is located. In the above examples, I selected Al-Kufra. The menus do completly overlay that province on the map. If you want to see the province (which is sometimes important) to f.e. judge on if you really want to build something there, you need to move the map on the tiny little space left of the menu to make the province appear.

    The issues are same in both UIs, legacy & new-thing.

    Those screenshots were taken on a resolution with 1366px width.

    Please fix this. My proposal is to determine the space between the left border of the province overview-panel and the left border of the browser window and center the map view there.

    The bug in the diplomacy view where you never see neighbors of you select to only show them, Bytro does not seem to be willing to fix that bug since 6 months now. It's a function that they simply broke by an update and just since then do not fix. I wonder if Bytro even has something that tests against new code, but they have made some many mistakes in the past that it makes the community belief that Bytro is unable to do any quality checks before releasing code to the live game.

    In my opinion we already have a pyramid system, where the new inexperienced players must rely upon the more experienced players in the coalition to devise coalition plans and to monitor that members of the coalition stay on schedule and task of the established plans....

    I just wanted to come back to that and state one thing more clearly. The interal stock market would only be a more efficient tool to transfer ressources within a coalition but it will not be the solution for how the processes should function within a coalition and it would also not be a tool that rises trustworthiness of players.

    If the inexperienced players do not understand the benefit of ressource sharing then there is no downside for them if the game offers this stock market to the ones that do.

    Just a "private stock market".