Legacy Option for High Command

  • I like to suggest Bytro give High Command premium members option for Legacy view,(if they are using a computer to play) I see many players in last year which have returned to s1914 after long break or lost their old accounts and are forced to play on new UI > all these players comment that they prefer Legacy view, this could be potential way in which Bytro could make profit from selling more High Command premium memberships to the community.

    Embrace your true nature , enjoy games and have fun!

  • Confirm I would be more willing to extend HC (chances are already high) if I could see legacy mode. The screenshots indicate it is cleaner than current model, IMO.

    Alliance: March of the Wolves
    Role: Officer


    Gold Rush (500p): 1 (coalition)
    World in Flames (100p): 1 (coalition)
    Team up (100p): 1
    Supremacy 1914 (31p): 1 (coalition)
    [Tutorial] The Great War (31p) 1 (coalition)