Critical issues about the Frontline Map when compared with Legacy.

  • True, I guess the while lines are still there but they very often run right on the paths underneath so they sort of fade a little and they still connect the most irrelevant aspect of the unit icon to the location though, which I have stated my issues with. It's the thing I try to glance past as I'm reading a unit icon.

    The mechanic that moves unit sprites away from one another I cannot see at all anymore though, regardless of the number of sprites. In my own thread I have an example of just three individual stacks overlapping each other in such a way that only one of them has a readable unit tag at all.

    I agree on the colors and general graphics though. As far as I recall, the reduced graphics mode was introduced later, which in my opinion looks much more readable and pleasing at least as far as the backdrop, the map itself is concerned.

  • I see some placements of the sprites diverging to give room, but it seems very subtle and passive. Cannot be compared to what was possible in the past.


    These guys had been split for days. I don't see any effort to seperate them in this instance at all. The difference might be that they're at sea? But even still, that shouldn't mean you'd have to be fine with it there.

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