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  • I'd appreciate it if someone could explain to me how daily ranking works exactly. I' ve just realized that despite infastructure upgrades and military production, there are some days that my ranking remains stable or even worse, decreases a few points. At the same time, a friend of mine who is not that active in terms of upgrades has better ranking than me. Why is that? Just for the record, there are no shortages and generally speaking I handle economy very well.

  • Thank you but still I don't get how I lose points. As I said before, there are no shortages, all my provinces have 100% morale, production is increasing to the majority of resources, I have factories almost everywhere, railroads, harbor etc. It makes no sense.

  • YOu lose points when someone else is using economic spys against you, you should see some spy activity posted in the maps Newspaper, (ie. certain amount of silver was stolen by robbers etc... is indication of economic spys)

    Basically if you are losing points it has to be economic spys or you are still expanding and have provinces with low morale other players might have all Lvl 4 factories where you have lvl 2 factories...or perhaps the fluctuation was because another country which was below you in points had buildings completed and they jumped ahead of you

    Math is straight forward... if you have 50% of map and average 80% morale you have enough for solo win, you need 75% of map for coalition win. Here is a link to a Discord Server which has all the info you need about these math questions > ...for now this is a link from the BOSS about this topic > Question about victory conditions

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