[S1914] Cross-Platform Chat - Release Notes

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    Release Notes - 2020-09-24

    Attention, Generals!

    From today on all mobile devices have access to game round chats, thus opening an additional, crucial communication channel for all players on mobile and improving the reach of this channel for all players on PC.

    Furthermore, today’s update brings several additional quality of life improvements, such as the “Reveal on Map” button on mobile devices and the ability to “pin” a province or army to the side of your screen.

    Please read the following list for a complete overview on all these changes, the balancing update, bug fixes and more!

    New Features:

    • Players can “pin” or “favorite” a province or army to the side of the screen now.
      • The button to pin or favorite a province or army is located on the province or army bar and can be toggled on and off.
    • The game round chat is now available on all mobile devices. Like the game, the chat is now truly cross-platform and used by both mobile and PC players alike.
    • A “Reveal on Map” button was added to the player info in the diplomacy list on mobile devices. Clicking the “Reveal on Map” button leads you directly to the nation’s capital of the selected player.


    • Several updates were made to improve game performance.

    Bug Fixes:

    • An issue on mobile devices was fixed that caused the map in a game round not responding anymore after a message was sent outside the game round.
    • A bug on mobile devices was fixed that caused the army selection icon to be displayed too far off flying airplanes when the player activated the “Add army” button.
      • The army selection icon is now displayed closer to flying airplanes.
    • A bug was fixed that caused the last login time of a user being displayed on mobile devices when starting a new conversation.

    We hope you like the new chat on mobile, the “Reveal on Map” button and the pin feature! We wish you best of luck on the battlefield!

    Your Bytro Team!