[S1914] UI overhaul - Soon on Android & iOS

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    Attention, Generals!

    Today we have exciting news for all our mobile generals! The next major release brings a massive UI rework for mobile players that will make your life much easier!

    The reworked UI removes the old clunky radial menus used to give army and province commands, and replaces them with a new sleek looking army and province bar that integrates the necessary actions in a more mobile friendly design. This new layout moves the information to the bottom of the screen to be within easy thumb's reach.


    The new selection bar highlights the most important tactical information in a much more easy to read display. Buttons have been made more usable and info more easily accessible for production or unit/building details. The new morale icons for example, nicely indicate the province mood and thereby warn of critical information such as imminent uprisings.

    Our Frontline Pioneers can test the new UI in beta games today already! Check your current beta game rounds or join a new beta game on your mobile device and let us and the community know what you think! The team is looking forward to hearing your feedback!

    Best of luck on the battlefield!

    Your Bytro Team