• Could you guys please optimized your game for your phone it is so slow. There are times where it will not let me move units it shows me that they're there but won't let me click on them no matter how many times I have closed the game down and I have lost battles because of it and could you please add a Navy Waypoint!!!!! b78//+

  • You have DOTs displayed on water while at sea which determine the routes of movement which ships will take crossing open water, similar to the roads units take while on land, you can change your route and destination at any time you issue new movement orders to your ships...

    I have screenshot here with these points circled in red at sea which would be closest thing to longitude / latitude points for naval navigation



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  • sorry Hastings TNT but in new ui of both pc and mobile it is almost impossible to spot these dots due to super cool graphics. 😅

    The only way to spot routes I think is this 👇👇(trajectory of ships/units)

    There is a one more way but that's very hard to execute and not suggested

  • Man your screaming wasn't good for us as we lost those points now legacy players have advantage in sea over new players(i mean using revamp ui) you guys can easily control and dominate sea routes because of those dots. In one of my ongoing map i am struggling to place traps for her/his sea units. I think bytro should bring those dots back.