Do not understand how attacks work.

  • Something is seriously wrong. I have read the FAQ. I am attacking a fort with 5 cav 5 car 63 inf. They had 11 defenders 80% morale I had 78%. I lost 11 units to their 2. I do not understand what is going on. After round I now have attack damage of 27. Defenders attack damage is 9.8 So I think I should kill 27/1.2= 22.5 points. What am I missing?

    As a follow up just attacked a 10 unit stack with 46 inf 4 cav 4 car. Not in fort. out in open. I have lost 9 inf 1 cav 1 car, he has only lost 9 inf in three rounds. Do not understand these ratios. Why am I taking as much/more damage as he is?

    My numbers still do not make any sense. I was attacked by a 11inf stack had 21 inf in a city I lost 1 for 1. So I wiped him out but I lost 11 inf defending in my city and my morale was over 98%. I am playing as Ukraine attacking Russia in the tutorial. game. I have lost 210,000 men versus 214,000. All of my other attacks I was winning at a 1.51 ratio against all other countries.

    Other players who I share maps with are not having these results. They are attacking with lower morale getting better results. And when defending getting a much higher kill ratio.

    Is there some spead sheet that shows how battles are calculated.

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  • Here is a spreadsheet link for you, you also need to calculate how much damage the fort deflects fort deflection % is listed here in the game manual under

    look at buildings a lvl 5 fort could be deflecting 91% damage....

    Spreadsheet> Attack/Defense Values (Caps)…L94-ZDG1NdPnCEic/pubhtml#


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  • usually it is not a good idea to storm a fortress using just infantry cavalry and armored cars, especially if that fortress is a level V one. You need to shell it using artillery, railguns and bombers if you don’t want to see your troops badly mauled. That being said, another piece of advice would be that it’s perfectly pointless to create a stack with 63 infantry units ‘cause after 50 of said units there is no added power to that stack. Better using a mixed stack of, say, 50 mixed units with infantry, cavalry and tanks.