Can coalition members garrison your provinces?

  • If I am in a coalition and I capture a province, can my coalition partners garrison it for the purpose of preventing rebellions at the dawn of the new day? I'm asking because I have very few inf in my current game and can't really afford to leave units behind on garrison duty if I can avoid it. Quick reply appreciated, thank you!

    Bonus question: if I stack my artillery units with a coalition member, will his army act as a meatshield for my artillery units if they come under artillery fire? Thanks.

  • #1 No > Probability is that your low morale newly taken province would revolt and claim loyalty to your coalition mates country if he has units sitting there in the low morale province.

    #2 No> BONUS GUESS in my experience, even units sitting together / not moving, a naked arty is vulnerable and could die of splash damage itself , yes for melee your mate could position himself between your enemy and your arty to avoid arty taking melee damage... I say "sitting together' because you also have movement issue even on coalition mates territory of 70% movement speed while his units move at 100% It certainly would be a bonus if your coalition mates units could serve as a meat shield, but I have not seen it.


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  • Well that's disappointing, and pretty silly IMO, if you are a member of a coalition ANY coalition member should be able to garrison your conquests.

    Bummer on the meatshield answer too, but it is what it is. Thanks for the response.

  • If they garrison it, then if they backstab, then say goodbye to your provinces:):):):):):):)

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