[S1914] Release Notes - 2021-04-13

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    Full list of all changes included in today’s release:


    • When a player loses all provinces, the player is now marked as defeated and loses any possibility to get back into the game round.
      • This change prevents the possibility to share intel on the game by a defeated player via diplomatic relations he or she had before the defeat which could not be canceled after the defeat.
    • When tapping the back button on mobile devices a popup appears that asks you whether you would like to close the app.
    • When opening the army filter drop down menu the option to de-/select units with the “waiting” state was displayed twice. This second option has been removed respectively.
    • The access detection for Android devices was improved. This prevents the app from informing you about a connection loss, although your device is connected to the internet.
    • Country names on the map now allow for more characters in the same line of a country’s name. This change prevents unwanted line breaks in a country's name.
    • The maximum font size for country names on the map has been increased, allowing for an even larger display of country names, if the occupied area supports it.

    Bug fixes:

    • An issue was resolved that prevented the logout button on desktop to work if you used Firefox or Safari browsers to play the game.
    • A bug on mobile devices was fixed that prevented connection points at sea to be displayed on the map.
    • An issue was resolved that was responsible for the incorrect display of currently selected units when moving or scrolling on the map.