Cannot scroll chat since scroller too tiny

  • As more messages are added to a chat, the thing you grab with the cursor to scroll up and down in that chat gets more tiny.

    At some point you are unable to grab it anymore.

    I have reached that point again in my chat with a coalition teammate. If I try grabbing it 20 times I get it to budge a little once. Otherwise I am limited to the final two messages. I literally had to post this to him a minute ago:

    I am unable to use the cursor in our conversations since it is too tiny. I was able to read a few of the last messages. Did you write Ottoman attacked you?

    That is not the way to play this game. Please enlarge the scroller in the chats so I can grab it with my cursor, regardless of how many messages are in it. Or please let me delete early messages in my chat so the scroller becomes large enough to use again. Thank you.

  • Hmm, have you tried zooming in on your screen? Ctrl+Scroll in. You can enlarge your screen and that will allow you to pinch the tab to scroll up. Correct me if I am wrong in what I read the issue was.

    Very Respectfully,

    Doc Ski

    "The art of medicine consists of amusing the patient while nature cures the disease."


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