• I know the game needs goldmark. I just joined an ALL Countries: All In game. Before I even joined someone spent goldmark to reduce morale to zero in all of my provinces (I was spain). That means for the entire first round (at least!) i can't move troops, can't build new troops, lose economy. In short, before I can even make a single decision the round is over. The "guaranteed" aspect of goldmark esptionage sucks. Sure I am not the first...but ruins the game.

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  • Meant to ask--does this happen a lot?

    Very common in Event or 500 map scenarios, smaller maps you run across few such Gold users, here is link for Alliance Tournament which is planning to have NO GOLD USE rule, you will need to being 4+ members since this Alliance scenario is team of 5 players vs opponent of 5 players when you arrive to server look for AWT discussion or AWT Pre-registration https://discord.gg/HuFFY9Kp

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