Minimize lose!! Part 1


    1) Have anyone thought of evading bombers..

    I have read many posts which says.. you can force march out of bombers or fighters range.. But if you are in a situation where you cannot force march out of bombers range.. What to do??.. I don't know if anyone said this before.. But there is a way to minimize troops lose to just one unit in battle group that has been attacked.. When you click the attacking bombers .. You can see which one of your battle group is being attacked.. For example Let's take it to be BG you can split BG 29 in such a way that just one infantry or whatever the unit you are ready to sacrifice only remains in BG 29..HOW TO SPLIT?... select split option .. Select full troops..minimize one ie if you have 120 troops in BG 119 troops and split.. Then you can see that a new Battle group is formed with splitted 119 troops and your previous BG29 has only one infantry or whatever the troops you chose to sacrifice remains.... . now you can make it further easier move away BG 29 .. from the rest.. Use force march and direct it to meet bombers half way.. Move the rest away from bombers.. No need of force march there

    Result!! - you can see bombers returning back after killing just one infantry in BG 29..even if there is 20 or more bombers the results remain same.. I have said 20 because.. I have fooled 20 bombers.. Rest is up to you.. Only if you are online while the attack it's possible to do so

    If you are offline you can use fighters to patrol above your precious troops..