Frontline Pioneer - Feedback/Suggestions

  • I have been playing a frontline pioneer game for quite a while, and I'll have just two very minor suggestions that can make a person's experience easier in gameplay.

    1. I don't know if this is intentional, but every time I buy, change the usage of a resource or do something relating to the resource management, the 'material/resource bar's number will, like flash and give a more precise number for every material (like 3.4k will become 3.42k then it go back to 3.4k or 2.3 to 2.29k then 2.3k, again).
    2. When you open the resource bar in the beta mode (I think, or alpha) a new menu comes up and it gives you an option to either: go to the resources or the stock market. So I want to suggest that when you open the stock market, it'll send you to the section of the stock market where it includes the resource that you pressed the stock market option on instead of sending you to the beginning (which is the food section) <-- I hoped that made sense anyway
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