Release Notes - 2022-03-22

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    Attention, Generals!

    Today's update brings a big change to planes in Supremacy 1914. We released a new airplane mechanic that changes many aspects of air combat. Damage during attacks and patrols is now dealt both ways, and targets can be adjusted within certain limitations without the need of flying back to an airbase. All patrols now attack air and ground units that are within their patrol circle. This happens every 15 minutes now, instead of 60 minutes prior to this change. These attacks deal 25% of the unit's damage both ways. The new mechanic makes planes in Supremacy much more flexible and a much bigger threat on the battlefield.

    To counterbalance the enemy in the sky, the statistics of other units have been adjusted, shaping some of them into a dedicated anti-air role. Please check our detailed Release Notes for a complete overview of all the changes with the new airplane mechanic, additional updates and bug fixes that were implemented with today's release.

    Please share your feedback here on the forums or on our Discord.

    Best of luck General,

    Your Bytro Team

  • well lets see how it will feels in the new map. But i would more appreciate if you increase radius how far can planes flight especially fighters as right now on 500 maps you dont have a chance to flight around the map and on assia its so annoying to build on every single city aerodrome.

    Also another good thing would be on 500 map to have an option to build another capitol or something similar, so there are no so huge issues with morale in a cities because of distance from capitol.

    And about declaring war ... really annoying thing is when you are an ally with someone for 70 days of a round and then he goes AFK and 3h later that NPC declare war on you ... With your ally you should have all the time high % of popularity its just dont make sense that i have with ally popularity 4%

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