A question/problem with RNG

  • Hey there, I'd simply like to ask what the bounds are for RNG in this game. In the span of 3 days I've had, while attacking cities *without forts*, had on one occasion the following happen:

    A stack of 14 infantry and one cavalry + a stack of 12 infantry with around 65% morale lose 16 troops to kill 7 enemy troops (just infantry) with around 50% morale, day 4.
    A stack of 13 infantry and one cavalry with around 54% morale lose (so far) 6 troops and the cavalary to kill 4 troops of a stack of 8 with 28%!! morale.

    How. Actually how, this shouldn't be possible.

    Again, what are the bounds, because it seems like they're [0%,200%] of attack. Seriously, this is ridiculous...

    Another fight against the same player, 80% morale (me) vs 50% (him) 5 troops vs 12 and 2 cavalry, no fort, not even buildings beyond the recruitment center: 4 dead for me to his 2

    The previous fight so far is 11 of mine dead to his 7
    Are my troops just worse? Like, what on earth am I supposed to even do here? I can't hit him with better morale, higher number troops with variety then what can I do, quit the game? I suppose that's the point isn't it, screw you so hard you have no other choice but to quit or spend gold. Interesting.

    TLDR: Half my morale, half my attack power, I lose 11 he loses 7, not the first time it happens *in the past 3 days*.

    OK so I got some hard data: 3 troops with 3.6 attack attacked one troop with 22% morale and didn't kill it. He has 0.22 hp, which means we need to be able to roll for less than 10% of our total damage, almost 5% of the total damage. Am I missing something?

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  • This is based on my observation.

    1. If your infantry units have low morale, it's more vulnerable to dying quicker and RNG rolls become more unpredictable.

    2. Infrastructures will absorb damage even if you are not fighting directly on top of the province. What does this mean? Well, if you are fighting on enemy territory, then you are more at a great disadvantage compared to your opponent who is fighting in his own territory.