Release Notes - 2022-05-10

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    Attention, General!

    Supremacy 1914 is available in Japanese now!

    Supremacy 1914 is now completely translated into Japanese. To change the language, click on the cogwheel in the top right on desktop, or check the Account setting in the "More" menu in the bottom right on the mobile app. Also, in light of the continuous influx of large amounts of new users and recent server problems, we've decided to reduce the amount of creatable maps per user per month. This should have a significant impact on server load and contribute to overall stability.

    Those of you who don’t want to join alliances can now close the recurring pop-up and it will not show up again. Just click the newly added ‘don’t show again’ button.

    And finally, apart from several bug fixes, we also decided to mute ambient sounds and background music in the main menu when playing on desktop

    For a complete overview of this update, please check our detailed Release Notes and share your feedback with us here on the forum and our Discord server.

    Best of luck General,
    Your Bytro Team

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