Why is RNG for damage so wide?

  • Does anyone know why the RNG for this game is so wide? I'm playing in the early game of a 500 map and I have 30 infantry, 3 armoured cars and a cavalry unit attacking an unfortified 10 stack and for some reason I'm taking more damage. There are many more instances where this happen (some including in my favour, I once had a single unit on force march to conquer a unmanned province and 5 cruisers shot at it and it took 0 damage- I happened to look at the hp percentage before hand to see how good of a chance I had to survive the barrage). It feels very counterintuitive and frustrating more than anything else, and it personally seems unrealistic to me considering how WW1 had stalemates that lasted long amounts of times instead of one nation just lucking into advantages. Why doesn't the game use a system similar to CoW where damages are based off a range of the attack damage instead? Or something other than just random damage from 0 to your max attack damage.

  • And my attack damage was around 17 iirc, and it takes like 3 ticks of battle to take out these units with a total of 7 hp. How does a stack with 17 attack damage only take out 2-4 units a tick when the enemy's hp is less than half of my attack damage. And even when I attack smaller units of 3-4 they still don't wipe them out despite only having 3 hp, which is 1/5 of my attack damage. These attack damage numbers are practically never reached, not even half of the attack damage is consistently achieved or I would've stack wiped multiple times.

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