Release notes - 2022-07-21

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    Attention, General!

    The new Alliance flag creator is now available in Supremacy 1914! The editor offers a multitude of logos and colors to choose from to make your alliance unique and recognizable. Check out the alliance settings page to give your alliance flags their own personalized look!

    Also, to avoid misclicks and accidental construction or production cancellation we added a new confirmation popup. From now on, if there is a need for canceling, you will need to confirm your choice.

    Last but not least, we fixed several bugs that didn’t display correct and missing in-game information and resolved some localization issues in the nation profile menu.

    For a complete overview of this update, please check our detailed Release Notes and share your feedback with us here on a forum and our Discord server.

    Best of luck General,
    Your Bytro Team

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  • После обновления я с трудом захожу в игру порой уходит несколько минут а иногда абсолютно не выходит зайди и ещё после обновления появилась белая полоса сверху экрана но это не из-за телефона я проверял

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