Am i the only one who thinks...It's high time maker's update game maps!!

  • Let's have an interesting discussion on why maps has to be changed...

    According to me i find game maps outdated...once players start expanding their territories...there will not be any countries as such just a bare outline of world's great that there hasn't been platonic movements under subcontinent after 1914...but there is a theory in geography of platonic movements and forming of 7 continents from 1 or 2 early continents...

    So what iam trying to say is locating certain positions in sea like straits , canals, and sea has to be done under a vague conception

    It will be better to add legible marking in sea which shows where our troops are when we zoom the map you know there has been no sea markings changed after 1914...if there is any historian and they think for certain that there was any changes made to sea markings after 1914...i was suggesting it would help a layman a lot if he could see

    all marking as of in 1914 in sea in writing...

    As a layman..for now... i realises that my troops are positioned in certain strait only after its killed in action and reported in news

    If there is any other changes we can make to maps...or you think what iam saying is nonsense...let's discuss them in detail...let someone know we are discussing all these for the betterment of layman terms...

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  • Something like that already exists on small maps (image added).
    I am not sure if anyone will bother remaking larger existing maps, but naming of sea regions is definitely something I would advise developers to do when they happen to create new maps in future.