Issue with in game stock market

  • I have bought oil using my silver not goldmarks,.

    My oil production is in the blue so I should not be losing any on a daily basis.

    For some reason I just spent over 200,000 of my silver for oil resources, and I never obtained the resources.

    I should have at least 7,000 oil right now, I only have about 700 after spending more than 200,000 silver.

    Please fix this, I really appreciate it.

  • Looks like it might have gone straight to starting units/buildings in production queue. If there were any, they would launch as soon as you got enough resources for them.
    You would not be the first one who forgets about queue.

  • it could also be that due to lag, the oil was already sold out at that price when your purchase order went through.
    If this happens, tThe money would end up 'stuck' in a 'buy order' at the specified price. Worth a check.

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