arno's bug report

  • take a good look at the boat, circled in red :


    I place the cursor on the icon of the boat circled in red :


    many things :

    - the boat whose icon is close to south america is actually on the australian side.

    - my submarines heading towards the enemy boat is positioned to the far left of the image when they are actually in the center.

    - the path of the submarine passes over dry land.

    - between the two images, the position of the submarine icon changes at high speed. The icon goes backwards to the left. It's hard to explain, I would have to make a video, but it's incomprehensible.

    For your viewing pleasure :


    when you put the color of the nations (I can't play without) and you have a country that is white in color (Banat for example on a 500 players), several things:

    - When you have a nation of white color, you don't see the territory you selected. Because the highlight is the same color as the country color.

    - the borders are the same color as the color of the country: I can only see the roads. I have trouble each time to select the right territory.

    Have you ever tested your game?

    Do you have developers, or trainees?

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