Release Notes - 2022-10-11

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    Attention, General!

    Today's update removes the obsolete "Extra units" filter from the game filters, adds a recruitment timer to the Province Info panel, and implements reworked versions of the units, buildings, armies, and province details.

    Several bugs have been fixed with this release as well. Naval units no longer use different icons and display one hit point as health when split off from a stack. Inactive coalition members no longer lower their relations with their coalition members.

    These are just the highlights of today's release. For a complete overview of all changes, please check our detailed list of updates and share your feedback with us here on the forums and on our Discord server.

    Best of luck General,

    Your Bytro Team

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  • seems from this latest upgrade yesterday, a few extra things happened: enemy units vanished (both in cities and outside) and the Ai got super aggressive - attacking without provocation and flood attacking on a multi-prong assault. Was this intentional and if so why was it not described in the release notes?

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