Game mechanics update - Part 1

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    Attention Generals!

    Next month promises to be an important one for Supremacy 1914. A big update is coming to the live version of the game that is going to significantly improve game mechanics. At the same time it’s great news for Frontline Pioneers - you can already test it in Beta games.

    We made the game mechanics easier to understand by players of all levels in terms of unit capabilities, numbers and calculations. We also paid great attention to your feedback and implemented the most requested features as well as those that will enhance user experience. The first category of important changes we would like to present are affecting units and the combat system.

    Here you will find a detailed list of aspects that were improved. The list is not full - we will describe other changes in detail with a separate post.

    As you know, we put a great value on feedback and suggestions from our players, especially Frontline Pioneers. We will highly appreciate it if you could share them with us. What do you like most about the update? What do you like least? How has your game experience improved with the update?

    You can share your thoughts here on forum and on our official Discord server. Simply join the server if you haven’t already and proceed to the section ‘mech-update’. To access the channel please give yourself 'Frontline Pioneer' role in the #roles channel. We will carefully examine all comments from you.

    Your Bytro Team

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