Black Friday Week - Join and Win

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    Attention Generals!

    Black Friday week full of lively events and juicy rewards is there! Don’t miss a chance of winning 50 000 Gold and participating in a series of game events brought to you by the Bytro team!

    On Monday you will already be able to join Crossroads of History. Successful offensives by the Central Powers on the eastern front force the Russian Empire to sign a peace treaty that sees vast areas of it's western territories be split off into independent nations. At the same time many battle hardened troops of the Central Powers are freed up to join the frontlines in France. History is yours to write at the Crossroads of History! You can join the map until Wednesday.

    Following from Wednesday to Friday you can start playing World of Flames 4x. The time has come for another speed round event! Cancel all your plans and prepare for some short nights and long fights! If no player or coalition has achieved a regular victory within 14 days, the player with the most victory points is declared winner. The end time is displayed in the game information within the newspaper and as a countdown on the right side of the screen.!

    Finally from Friday to Sunday there will be a Goldrush. You will play on a 500 player map at 4x speed with drastically increased Goldmark rewards. Don't hesitate and join this massive rush for gold! Special victory rewards: 75,000 GM (1st place), 40,000 GM (2nd place), 25,000 GM (3rd place), 20,000 (4th place), 15,000 (5th place), 10,000 (6th place), 7,500 (7th place)

    All events start at 11 AM CET.

    Excited? We are not done yet! Anyone who logged in Supremacy 1914 from Monday midnight CET (2022-11-21) to Sunday midnight CET (2022-11-27) will be included in the prize raffle participant pool. We will randomly choose 5 lucky players who will receive 50 000 Gold on their account. Make sure to log in every day to increase your chances!

    We wish you a lucky week,
    Your Bytro team

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