• What is the purpose of the Barracks,

    what effect does it do?

    building info is very limited.

    increase training speed? by how much?

    what RSS it consuming?

    (all building need this, i can't see what RSS each building is using?, it only show on city info)

    does it need the recruitment office ?

    does this affect the unit production?

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  • It does not need a recruitment office. It speeds up infantry recruitment by 50% per level (theres two levels). Its biggest use is the allowance to produce calv (Calvary), that is baracks paired with a workshop. As afore stated it does increase infantry recruitment but in order for that to take place you need a recruitment office, However a recruitment office is not required, to actually build the baracks

  • okay,

    barracks is only for speeding recruitment and unlocking Cav.

    Q: Scenario - recruitment office disable

    1. is the barrack recruitment still on going?

    2. at what speed?

    3. is the recruitment speed of the barracks tied to recruitment office?

  • Barracks works better on double provinces, and thus even faster infantry recruitment. as far as doing the numbers on everything you can see how long it takes for infantry recruitment, you can also play with it and turn barracks on and off and see the time difference, thats what i do every so often

  • However a recruitment office is not required, to actually build the baracks

    It is incorrect. You DO need a RO to build a barracks.

    However a barracks does still work without a RO (just as a significantly decreased speed)


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