Where Can I Find the Beta New Features?

  • Hello, fellow commanders of Supremacy1914!

    I find myself in a rather peculiar situation. I recently joined the ranks of the Frontline pioneers, excited to be part of the beta build testing for our beloved game. However, despite my participation, I seem to be lacking crucial information about the new features that await us. Can someone shed some light on this?

    Allow me to clarify: I'm thrilled to be part of the beta build, but unfortunately, I'm not well-informed about the specific new features we are testing. It's like being part of an amazing secret club, but not knowing what the secret is! So, my fellow commanders, could you kindly help me bridge this knowledge gap?

    I understand the significance of the Frontline pioneer role and the responsibility it entails. Yet, when it comes to discovering the exciting new features, I feel a bit clueless. How can I be an effective tester and provide valuable feedback if I don't even know what to look for?

    If any of you who are more knowledgeable could spare a moment to enlighten me, I would be immensely grateful. Could you please share the details of the new features being tested in the beta build? Whether it's enhancements to gameplay mechanics, improvements in visuals, or innovative strategic options, I'm eager to gain a better understanding.

    I apologize for my ignorance on this matter, and I sincerely hope you can help me navigate this situation. Together, let's make the most of our beta testing experience and ensure that we contribute meaningfully to the development of Supremacy1914.

    Thank you for your time and assistance!

    Yours sincerely,Mofou!

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