Units are invisible with just a small header over their location

  • Since the last update, many units are invisible save for a snap triangular head above them which is th4 only indicator of their position. Moreover, you cannot click on the header nor the implied position of the units in order to access them. They have essentially disappeared from the game. I'm playing on a Mac so I cannot right click and draw a circle around the unit and access them that way either. They are, as far as I can tell, completely inaccessible on mobile and Mac. Any ETA on fixing this bug? Are the developers aware of the bug?

  • Arnavon

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  • Hi, you can access that army through the "Armies" button which is right above the "Front Reports" button. There it does say its current location as well as its current action. (It's right above the "Front Reports" button on the browser version, I'm not sure if the layout is the same on mobile, but the button should be there somewhere, it has an icon with a prussian helmet if that helps).

    I really hope they solve these server related issues though (I think they are server related at least). I'm on a 500 player map, and past day 40-50, the game becomes almost unplayable, due to the invisibility problem, as well as the responsiveness problem. I mean I get that there are like tens of thousands of units on the map each with their animations and sounds, but this game is from 2006, I don't think that it's unreasonable to think that they should've solved these types of issues by now. Maybe when this game reaches 20 years they'll do a big server upgrade or something, and won't be as bad anymore.