Suggestion Concerning game play.

  • This may be too much. But I feel there should be some sort of bonus for veteran forces who have been fighting. Like a morale boost after defeating an enemy. Or an attack or defensive bonus given to army, navy, and air forces who have racked up enemy kills and battle victories. And some sort of benefit for out maneuvering an enemy that you have outflanked and attacked on his exposed rear trapping him between your armies? Maybe a decrease in the enemies morale. Or a surrender of those unfortunate troops caught in such a situation.

  • In such a situation, the surrender of the surrounded army depends only on the orders of the controlling player. I have flanked armies leaving them totally surrounded and with no chance to escape from such a situation, when I do it I usually give the enemy player the opportunity to withdraw his entire army from the zone where they are trapped, I publish an ultimatum in the newspaper addressed to him or I send him a note directly to his private chat, if the player decides to surrender I give him right of way for an instant so he can withdraw his army, escorted by my army obviously, and if he is a proud player he will prefer to lose his army making him fight to the last man, but the final decision on whether to surrender or fight to the last man depends only on the player, not on the game.

    And about the morale injection to the armies that obtain victories, there is already a bonus for this, if your army wins a battle you get a morale injection, but you must also take into account that battles reduce the morale of the armies, for example, your army has 80% morale and goes into battle, the battle rest 10% of morale but your army obtained the victory so the bonus will give you 5% of additional morale, leaving your army's morale, after the battle, in 75%. This is an example, they are not exact numbers, I don't know how much is the bonus for victory but I know it already exists.