I need to have approval by moderator to reply in order to sign up for a map.

  • I am a recruit with SOWAR currently in trials. I was given information on discord from the Academy about the Duckiest Chatters Arms Race. I followed the instructions and replied with my username to join but was never added. I previously was Moon_Child but finally got my Game Username permanently changed to Lady_Death! I have replied to thread as Moon_Child and never got added and realized that it could be because of the name change. My replies were disabled, and I am now ranked as "Private" on that one.

    I then registered on here with my new and final username Lady_Death! as I realized that I had to do an account login with my Supremacy 1914 profile during my initial registrationas Moon_Child. I attempted to reply to the thread so I could sign-up for the game. 5 new players have been added that replied after my initial sign-up attempt. Please enable my ability to reply and be seen by others so I can participate in the game. It is filling up fast;(. Thank you!

  • FMD

    Approved the thread.