Never Ending Game Mode Option?

  • Is there a game mode that will continue until there is one dominate country? The first time I played 1914 I poured hundreds into buying coins to build up my army… then at the end of 2 weeks everything went away. I didn’t know it ended. 😐

    Ideally, could myself and another friend play against AI until we win?

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  • Games generally last four to eight weeks, although this figure can vary widely based on the map, the choices made by individual players, and many other factors.

    The map with the longest duration can be considered the 500 map.

    and can last up to 4 months. Due to the high dropout of players in the mid game, there are only a few players left on the map, the ideal is to never spend the entire goal on just one map and thus participate in several maps...

    Each map is a new story

  • If you create a game yourself (which I think is for Premium accounts) there is an option for Victory Conditions. Make sure to click the gear first. This option you can change the option from Standard (50%) to Supremacy (100%). There are other options to control who can join and how many human players join.

    Beware though that there is a limit per month of games you can create. I think its only one per month.

  • when you weren't even born yet (:p) games didn't have an expire time.

    it was inserted to avoid burdening the servers and because in the long run the quality of the game worsened