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    Attention, Generals!

    With today’s update you are able to bring the latest technology to the battlefield. As soon as you unlock a new level for a unit a “promote” button becomes available in the army bar of units of that type, allowing you to promote the unit to the new level wherever they are.

    For a complete overview of today’s changes, please read the following list:

    New Feature:

    • You can now promote your armies to the highest completed research level, by clicking the promote button in the army bar.
      • A promote button allows for upgrading units to your current research level wherever they are.
      • For a selected army, the promote button is only shown if a promotable unit is part of the army. Using it will start promoting all eligible units in that army at once.
      • A promote icon in the army bar indicates if a unit can be promoted.
      • A map icon shows if a unit is currently being promoted.
      • Promoting units requires money, resources and time.


    • The maximum number of units that can be displayed on a map was increased to avoid display issues on crowded maps.
    • The advisor popup was replaced by a mission list that displays the information to give a nice and clear overview about advisor missions as well as feedback on your progress.
    • The production costs for high level units were increased, to reflect the high resource production in the late game and to make sure that these units are not a “standard” unit in the mid game already. These units are intended to be special and not the norm on the battlefield.
    • To allow players to avoid spending gold by mis-tapping on mobile, a confirmation popup was implemented for high-cost premium actions. The popup can be disabled in the game settings.

    Bug fixes:

    • An issue was fixed that could cause units to move to the next closest intersection and back when sending a unit to a waypoint on a map.
    • A bug was fixed that caused completed buildings to stay on the construction tab until an action was executed. Finished constructions complete immediately..
    • A problem on Android devices was solved that caused the world map to appear and get stuck after using the Android back button in the shop.

    We hope you like today’s update and wish you all the best on the battlefield.

    Your Bytro Team


    Attention, Generals!

    While the next release for Supremacy 1914 is already in preparation, we still took the time to ship a number of bug fixes that will improve your gaming experience today already.

    Please find the complete list of this update below.

    Bug fixes:

    • We fixed an issue that could cause an error message being displayed on the South East Asia map, making parts of the map appear black and freezing the game.
    • We resolved an issue that prevented range units to attack units hidden in bunkers, when certain fire control modes were activated.
    • We fixed an issue that allowed game admins of system-generated game rounds and events to remove some players from the game.

    We hope you like these bug fixes and stay tuned for our next release that will bring more exciting updates to Supremacy 1914!

    Your Bytro Team

    Hello war-play , thanks a lot for the detailed feedback to the update. We will be checking the bugs you mentioned and also consider the UI improvements you suggest (e.g. showing the details of transport ships in a special unit info).

    Regarding the way Supremacy 1 allows/restricts access to game rounds we deliberately deviate from the S1914 formula. Especially in the beta phase of the game we want to group players into the same game rounds - hence you can only choose the map type via "JOIN" and not the specific game round. In the future we also want to introduce a mild form of 'match-making' which means that the details of the specific game round you will join (like the map fill rate) are not even 'known' before clicking "JOIN".

    Finally, it is indeed possible that you will run into problems finding 'full' game rounds at this point. We are still tweaking many aspects of the game and are deliberately bringing in only a small number of new users every day. This will improve drastically once we really start ramping up the marketing.

    All the more we heavily rely on feedback from S1 pioneers like yourself who help us improve the game in its early stages. Keep up the good work!

    When will we get a bigger map of this game mode?

    I cannot disclose all details just yet, but it is safe to say that you haven't seen the last of this game mode. ;-)

    Scince we have neutral roads I advise of reworking trade system as per making that each deal spawns a resource truck on the roads which travels for the other players capital

    Thanks, this idea sounds a bit radical but genuinely fun! I would be the first to start a career as a truck-plundering outlaw on the roads. :evil:

    Dear Generals,

    today’s release includes a number of small game improvements and bug fixes. For details see the complete list of changes below.

    In addition, after listening closely to your feedback about the way armies are displayed on the map we are happy to inform you that we are currently testing a new army visualization in Frontline Pioneer (beta) rounds! The improved 'army stack info' allows you to see the full army composition on close zoom levels while only showing the most important information (such as the strongest unit and the accumulated army strength) at far zoom levels. We encourage all Frontline Pioneers to check their beta games and provide us with feedback on this new feature!


    • We included event announcements in the home screen of the mobile app.
    • In the mobile app, entries in the event log of speed rounds are now showing real-time dates instead of in-game time.
    • For speed maps, the newspaper now consistently shows real-time dates instead of in-game time.
    • We increased the accuracy of ranged attack circles in the new map view.


    • We fixed a bug in the mobile app that led to the back button in the loading screen being unresponsive in certain cases.
    • We fixed a bug in the mobile app that led to the on-screen keyboard overlapping buttons in certain cases.
    • We fixed a bug in the mobile app that led to the buttons in the "round has not yet started" being unresponsive.
    • We fixed a bug in the desktop version that led to coalitions showing broken images when coalition flags were missing.

    We hope you like the changes and wish you good luck on the battlefield!

    Your Bytro Team

    The problem is new players are not 'quarantined' to the the tutorial map but instead can chose any map to start on. Usually this would only be those who know what they are doing (i.e. a player leveling up a new acct to use as a multi) They often use the bonus troops to help their main account in other maps.

    If every new player was forced to play the tutorial with their bonus troops and if they instead chose a different map they should then start with a normal set up.

    This does not disadvantage the new player, they can play the tutorial map with the bonus and learn the game and all other players who start one of these maps know that any first timers will have that advantage.

    New players are free to join additional rounds after the tutorial round they are forced into. But they definitively only get the bonus troops in the very first round the join - and that is alwasy the tutorial map.

    Dear generals,

    Separatist movements rose to power in different parts of the world and control major resources now. Use this opportunity to seize these regions and utilize them to forge a mighty global Empire!

    Victory on this map is not achieved by simple conquest, in order to win you have to secure 13 of 25 Control Points scattered across the world map. Only one player will win the huge gold reward in the end, so use your wits and plan your strategy wisely to have a chance in this demanding event!

    Event Details:

    • Sign-up period: 2019/03/08, 11 AM CET - 2019/03/12, 11 AM CET
    • Dominion world map with 97 players
    • All provinces conquerable
    • Hold 13 of 25 Control Points for 4 ingame days to win
    • Winner receives 50,000 Goldmark
    • No coalitions
    • Starts-when-full
    • random country selection
    • AI & human player peace period of 12 real-life hours
    • 2x speed

    During the sign-up period the event maps can be found at the top of the games list. Join these event map to participate. We wish you good luck and much fun!

    Your Bytro team

    Golden Buddha : Please apologize if I am stating the obvious, but are you aware of the fact that the special feature of this event is that all countries (even "small AI countries") are played by human players? That means that as long as those players are active, they will of course show 'human-like' play behavior. And even if they are already inactive (and hence AI-controlled) you might still find them in unlikely situations set up by their originally human players.

    Dear Generals,

    today’s release includes a number of small game improvements and bug fixes. For details see the complete list of changes below.


    • Implemented a return button in the mobile loading screen so that players can return to the main site when the game can’t be loaded.
    • Improved usability of country chooser panel.
    • The in-game settings menu now highlights which settings are active and which ones are not.


    • We fixed a bug that led to some anonymous rounds showing players names in the game details.
    • We fixed a bug which led to team settings being shown incorrectly in the game details.
    • We fixed a bug which led to the shop not being scrollable on some mobile devices.
    • We fixed a bug that made the speedup button overlap with the radial province menu buttons in the mobile version.
    • We fixed a bug that led to overlapping unit vision circles not being displayed properly.
    • We fixed a bug that led to some resource icons not being shown in the province list in the mobile version.
    • We fixed a bug that prevented players from disabling damaged buildings through the building details screen.
    • We fixed a bug that allowed alliance leaders to join alliance challenges before they have been accepted.
    • We fixed a bug that led to alliance leaders not being able to accept alliance challenges in some cases.

    We hope you like the changes and wish you good luck on the battlefield!

    Your Bytro Team

    Different servers are completely different and will reflect the economy that server is based on. But to pump up prices on the same server for those who choose to play the mobile version is at best unethical.

    As already mentioned in the thread, our shop prices show some variance between countries due to differences in purchasing power and money value. In addition, some third-party shops (e. g. on Google Play or on iOS) charge us high fees which we already partially take on us. So it's not greed or a simple "supply and demand" thing but just the requirements of selling digital items through other company's app stores.

    So question....When is this pop up medals/awards/achievements thing going to come back? It has been well over a month, almost 2 months now, and it still isn't fixed. How am I suppose to know I have received a medal? What is going on? When is your due date? This is getting beyond frustrating here people....

    Hello Curious Squirrel, I cannot share any specific date yet, unfortunately. The main reason is that we will probably see an overhaul of the way medals and achievements work in the future anyway (including Goldmark rewards for completed achievements). But I will try to get some attention for the "new medal" popup internally. :thumbup:

    I am a PC player and have little interest in the mobile platform. However recently every time I log the game I get a very annoying message insisting I should try the mobile app.

    I am sorry to hear that you had troubles getting rid of the "play mobile" popup. Did you login with the same account on mobile? And did you check the spam folder of your email account? If your problems persist please submit a bug report on the matter.

    Jsut one thing that I really miss in it: the "pin army" mode.

    Is there any news regarding this matter?

    - is it in the planning to be implemented?

    - if it is, when can we expect it?

    I cannot share any specific date yet but I am positive that the pin mode will make it to mobile as well. In addition, we are working on a complete overhaul of the army representation to bring it more close to the 'legacy' version. We hope that this will considerably improve acceptance of the new map look.


    Dear generals,

    with today’s update we are happy to announce the global launch of the S1914 Android app! Starting today with selected European countries we will release the app globally over the course of this week. Head to the Google Play store and pre-register now to be notified when the app arrives in your local store. For our loyal iOS generals: Fear not! The iOS version is on the way as well and will be released soon.

    In addition, we have been working on further map improvements (including unit positioning/selection and performance optimizations) and a large number of bug fixes. You can find a comprehensive overview in the change log below.

    What is more, we improved the way social play works in Supremacy 1914 by tweaking the alliance, coalition and team game feature set:

    • We brought back the coalition chat which had not yet made the transition to the new game version.
    • We brought back the option for alliance leaders to message all alliance members at once.
    • We enabled shared team chat and diplomatic team conversation in team games.
    • We enabled shared team victory rewards and achievements in team games.
    • Anti betrayal measures: Players of a team or a coalition can no longer change their relation to members of other teams or coalitions to anything better than peace (e.g. shared map is not possible).
    • Team players who become inactive no longer fall back to Right of Way but stay at Shared map at all times.
    • We removed the team balancer when joining games: Players can now choose their team freely and don’t need to even out teams in the selection process.
    • In team games, solo victory points and solo rewards are no longer displayed in the Newspaper.

    You can find the list of all changes below. We hope you like it and look forward to your feedback on the forum.

    Your Bytro team



    • global release of S1914 Mobile for Android starting today
    • implemented coalition chat
    • implemented option for alliance leaders to message all alliance members at once
    • Players now drop out of games within 10 minutes instead of 60 minutes when not choosing a country, to prevent blocking game starts for too long.

    Map Improvements:

    • major improvements for unit positioning and selection on the new map
    • added the “country relations” map view to the S1914 in-game settings on mobile.
    • changed the way in-game font is being rendered to improve map performance & looks.
    • province names can now be shown again for all provinces

    Team / Coalition Games:

    • see the list above

    Other Bug Fixes:

    • S1914 mobile: fixed a bug that led to error messages being shown to non-beta users
    • S1914 mobile: added highlighting to selected entries in the province list
    • fixed an error that led to uploaded user images (leader picture, flags) ‘spilling over’ to other game rounds
    • fixed the incorrect display of timers in the "construction speedup" tooltip in speed rounds
    • fixed an error that made it hard for players to join a game after opening it in guest mode beforehand
    • fixed a large number of small display bugs throughout the game


    Dear generals,

    while the year is drawing to a close we have been working hard to bring further improvements to the game which will add that extra bit of joy to your holidays. With today’s release we fix a number of critical bugs (like unit positioning) for Supremacy 1914 Mobile and add missing features like the display of awards in the service record. If you didn’t try playing Supremacy 1914 in your mobile browser yet - now is the time!

    In addition, we bring good tidings for desktop players as well! We added a new view option in the in-game settings which lets you swap the new army stack with the detailed representation of army composition you love and know from legacy mode. While we keep improving the regular army view we hope that this legacy army view will please all those who had trouble adjusting to the new look. To give you even more flexibility when it comes to your preferred map look we also added the “legacy mode” buttons in the games list for easy access. In addition, you can now change your in-game leader name again - both in the new version and in legacy mode.

    You can find the list of all changes below. We hope you like it and look forward to your feedback on the forum.

    Your Supremacy 1914 team

    Complete list of changes:


    - implemented achievements on mobile

    - fixed a bug that led to armies being positioned far off from their actual position

    - fixed a bug that prevented resource icons from being visible on mobile

    - fixed a bug that led to the province list being empty on mobile in some cases

    - improved the display of community news on mobile

    - added the one-time option to change user names

    - fixed a bug that led to double resource icons not being properly displayed on mobile

    - fixed a display issue with messages input box on mobile

    - fixed productions table ordering on mobile

    - fixed a bug that prevented the coalition list from being scrolled

    - fixed the behavior of the resource management tab in the in-game menu on mobile

    - fixed a bug that led to wrong images being displayed in the advisor on mobile

    - added high res versions for some images

    - fixed tooltip formatting issues in shop

    Other changes:

    - added a ‘tactical army view’ option to game settings

    - fixed a bug that prevented changing the in-game leader name

    - play/join in legacy mode button is now visible in all game components

    - fixed a bug that led to the game details showing wrong anti-cheat level

    - fixed a display issue with the colorization of the score progress bars in the user profile

    Sad day for long term players.. It is now official to get the 'exclusive' content you now need to move to the mobile platform. Is this the beginning of the end for PC players I wonder.

    The phrasing in the annoucement might have been misleading. Right now, push notifications are an exclusive feature for mobile because it's a very common feature for mobile apps. Even if you do not actively play S1914 on mobile you can still install the app (once it's out globally) and rely on those notifications to alert you about in-game events.

    That being said we are currently exploring the options to bring those notifications to PC players as well. This would take the form of web push notifications delivered through your browser.