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    @AA that doesn't make the game unbalanced. You could have chosen to do the same.

    I agree it's annoying if someone buys a lot of GMs to win, but that part of the rich tapestry of the game and has been since I started in 2013. TBF you see it more on the big maps.

    This IS a business after all. The people who develop these games need to find revenue streams to fund them. To pay their development teams etc. The two most used methods are pay to play or ingame purchases.

    I don't think we can complain if someone wants to buy a win. Just join another game.

    You're at peace with the player in both of these pictures. Are you refering to you being in different coalitions ? A coa filter would be nice to have in this case, completely agree.

    It's a team game/round. By definition they are on opposing teams in those games/rounds so showing the other player as "at peace" is misleading as the OP suggested. You can't change teams on team games after all.

    New players do not have most of the issues that were raised in this thread. We know that because for 2 years the Revamp mode was the default for any new player and 95% of all Supremacy 1914 players were playing in the revamp mode. Most players do not have issues and regard the game as perfectly playable, we got barely any complaints. Most complaints only started when the other 5% of the remaining Legacy players had to switch as well. But we will work on them.

    Of course new players don't complain about the issues raised on this thread as they don't know how much better the game was before the revamp.

    If I play a game I don't like I don't complain about it, I just don't play again. Many of us 5% legacy players are passionate about YOUR game.

    I am taking the time to give you feedback because I'd like this game to be so much better than "perfectly playable".

    Some of the replies (intended or not) don't make me, or my views, feel very valued as a customer.

    You can hold ctrl and move your troops around as this disables the auto snapping function.

    That's REALLY useful but how is one supposed to know that?

    The new and casual players Bytro are trying to attract would probably not stay long enough to find that out. Our to switch to low graphics and country colours....

    I hate to say it the new province manager tool isn't an improvement either.

    I AM TRYING to be positive.

    As a makeshift solution until we can adress the 3d unit model size, we made it so the position idicators aka white dots will turn red when you hover over a unit. This way you should at least be able to clearly know where a unit is and distinguish its indicator from any of the others present in the same area.

    Thanks. That sort of helps but not completely.

    On another point can we not now see which players have gone AI from the diplomacy screen.

    Below only shows Computer and Player icons, however, many of those showing as Players have in fact gone AI.

    I'm really trying to give this a go. I'm on low graphics and country colours on (how a new player would know this I don't know).

    However, the comedy oversize 3D armies still make it impossible in many cases to see exactly where your troops are.

    In the old mode I could have easily assembled my army between the coast and the city before attacking the AI. Here zoomed right in I can see precisely where each army is as the little white dots are covered by the other icons.

    There are lots of times you want to see exactly where you are placing an army but it's not possible with this version.

    I play on many servers and I realized that more and more users leave games, not to mention double accounts.

    Scenarios such as South America, Battle of the Balkans, battle for Western Europe, are no longer played and the others immediately abandoned, few players remain to fight against AI.

    This is a really valid point. One of my roles was to play in some tutorial games to spot new talent for our Alliance. Since the new UI came in almost every game gets abandoned by most new players almost immediately. Yes there were always lots of drop outs but never this bad.

    The new UI was supposed to attract new blood but how many stick around for even a full game....

    i dont think we can make it look EXACTLY like legacy mode, but im sure bytro would listen if we provide suggestions to make it closer to it, like the low graphics mode is already a huge improvement for me :)

    All of these suggestions were made when the new mode was launched and they asked for feedback. The giant 3d figures make it impossible to see exactly where your armies are. Even worse for mech units.

    I just can't be as intricate with placements as I could in the old version.

    Is it not true that this game is now just a skin of the other Bytro games. They can't make the changes we want as they are tied to a single game engine.

    I've been playing S1914 since 2013, 8 years as a loyal customer, I have seen quite a few developments over that time and have enjoyed playing in hundreds of games over many hundreds of hours.

    When the new version was introduced i gave lots of very detailed feedback but almost nothing has changed and it is as unplayable now as it was then.

    I understand that Bytro must be able to save a lot of money by putting all of their games on the same sup-engine the build for Call of War and Conflict of Nations but they are poor games with unfriendly UI's too.

    As legacy goes so do I.

    Unfortunately, wars aren't fought in staff officers' posts, but on terrain. There is where it counts.

    I know that too. Very very well. But this is a game mate. If you want to play a game that realistically depicts war from the point of view of an individual soldier or platoon then play ARMA.

    This game new or legacy will NEVER recreate that. Its a strategy game hence my comments about the people who make strategic decisions in real wars. If YOU want this game to be realistic then it should surely mimic that.

    I do take on Narmers point that if RoW is making more money because of Steam and Mobile then the owners are obliged to maximise their profits and I'm sure there's no room for dead ducks if that's what this is/was.

    We are luckily aware of this, (I'm volunteer so not really a representative) The revamp is inspired by the succes of CoW but needs some fixes and also fixes that were non existing for CoW as CoW does have some stuff that are different to Supremacy luckily there are updates rolling out int he comming months to make the new mode fully functional

    Is that game really a success? There seem to be 500,000 more register users yes but a much much larger percentage seem to be inactive. I last week tried to play it again and am now a private have joined but not finish 2 games. I'm already in the top 300K players. As a Lieutenant you'd be in the top 100 players! Not so on here.

    None of the games on the home page are full. Even the one at 300+ days. My game after a couple of days only has 5 active players the highest ranked of whom is a Sergeant.

    CoW is a poor game with apparently few active players.

    Also as to the point about the real world be 3D so 3D is more realistic. Firstly if we wanted realistic graphics we'd be playing Call of Duty or some such. Secondly this game is about Strategy if you want a realistic depiction of what staff officers see when dictating strategy then they are actually staring at maps and reading incoming reports. That was true in 1914 and it was true as recently as 2003 in Iraq, for me at least.

    Shows as L1 where? As the guys above said it's L2 or above which is why you can't see the number of troops.

    It's a risky business attacking high level forts with our Arty support or massively overwhelming numbers.

    If you keep throwing in troops you'll eventually grind the fort down and see what's in there.

    Can you not do nested quotes on this form to allow addressing individual points?

    1) I personally don't see how 2D is Napoleonic and 3D is WWI? NGA Planets is set in space and that's very simple 2D maps. Still feels futuristic.

    2) But the units haven't changed in the new version? So I don't see the difference. Still Infantry, Cavalry, Artillery plus Tanks, Planes and Ships.

    3) They do look nice but like CoW they make game play more difficult.

    That said I can totally see the need to be able to get onto mobile and steam platforms to drive the product forwards.

    I think it's great that the MODS and Staff have so much belief in the new game but personally I think it'll end up very similar to CoW.

    But the criticism remains: design-wise, Legacy is a RISK-esque representation of Napoleonic Wars, and yes, everybody loves RISK, but S1914 wants to close to the WWI theme and, for that, designs like "TGW" are needed.

    You've said twice now it's a representation of the Napoleonic Wars why do you say that? Also specifically which parts of the TGW design feel more like WWI?

    I'm not trying to be confrontational, I'd genuinely like to here your take on those points?

    That's actually what I like about this game. It's very much like Risk Plus most games are won or lost through strategy and alliances and relatively few people pay to win.

    There are LOTS of other games out there with more complex tech trees etc but this had it's own niche. I guess they'll move this game more towards Call of War. Personally I didn't like that game, although perhaps I should try it again, but if it's significant'y more popular than the current S1914 then of course it makes sense for the owners to move it in that direction.

    At the end of the day it's about building a game with the widest appeal because at the end of the day it's a business.

    I'm having difficulty changing my in game name. I was able to change the portrait and the correct ensign for 1701. However the name keeps reverting back to my user name when using legacy mode.

    I am part of the front line pioneers which means I am running the beta for the new interface. Currently that does not allow you change the player name. I think this is why I can't change the name.