[S1914] Legacy-Removal Feedback Thread

  • unfortunately i dont think this is an option anymore, i think it is better we give our input on how to improve the current ui and the low graphics mode it comes with. it has come along way from how it once was, please join us in improving it still by giving us constructive criticism on how we can make it better :)

    Not sure the new version can be made as good as the legacy. this is what they want you to say, then just put up it

  • I lved the simplicity of the original and only play it on pc - was a brilliant game

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    1. Great stuff! they did to this game.
    2. I'm quitting, until they put the old mode back on. This new way is more laggy than the previous one, they decorated everything, made things more difficult to find. New mode has no conditions to form strategies or even visualize information, there is a lot of visual pollution ...
    3. The person responsible for this "New lagged mode" should be dismissed.
    4. RIP
    5. Supremacy, playing this since 2017, ended the gameplay.

    i think almost all of you have been very constructive with your suggestions and comments which i highly appreciate!

    all of these will surely be noted and will affect how we improve in the future to give you guys a better gaming experience

    Just a way of saying that you wont do anything to help us have legacy back - this is just an excercise in shutting up anyone who wont play the new game

  • Je suis joueurs depuis 2013 et clairement le plus gros problème est le graphisme.

    C'est pas clair, on voit rien. Je vais essayer de finir ma dernière 500 ( meme pas sur que j'y arrive ) et j’arrête Supremacy.

    C'est beaucoup trop compliqué de suivre des troupes. Au lieu de changer les graphisme qui au final detruise le jeu, vous auriez pu trouver des idées de nouvelles troupes. Ca aurait été plus utile. Vous avez tuer votre jeu, c'est dommage !!

  • New graphics are lagged to hell. The only smooth things about it are Goldmark advertisements. In the current state, playing on new graphics is impossible. If you are not bringing back legacy mode, maybe at least try to optimize the new view? Its laughable. I can barely navigate around the map. I have a good game going but I will have to throw it since its unplayable.

  • i think almost all of you have been very constructive with your suggestions and comments which i highly appreciate!

    all of these will surely be noted and will affect how we improve in the future to give you guys a better gaming experience

    I'm very sorry but most suggestions and comments are already been told from the moment they came out with the revamp, so in about 2 years not many changes have been done. All of the sudden they will do that? Pretty sure you'll have more luck in believing in fairy tales.

  • I totally agree. the Simplicity was the key to this games beauty. a big shame its gone and i will never be able to play again.

  • I have been in Supremacy1914 for 9 years of active service and the loss of the legacy mode is like losing your best companion in battle, I understand that the update of the game has been to make it more attractive in order to attract more people, but in the beautification and the 3d figures have overloaded the map and it is tedious to be trying to make out the units and the displacements.

    When the beginning of the end of the legacy was announced, I tried to give the new version a chance even by lowering the graphic quality to make the map simpler and still return to the legacy for its simplicity.

    If, as they say, the end of the legacy is a fact and there is no going back, I think they should include in the new version options so that the most veterans can adjust the map and the units; such as choosing a smooth map without shadow, sea or relief effects (currently available) and the possibility of selecting a 2d tactical army as in the legacy version; On the latter, when they had released the final version, they included a button in the options menu to change the 3d troops to those of the legacy mode.

    If you heed these general recommendations, the great community of veterans would greatly appreciate them, if not I believe that many of us will go on an honorable retreat to remember our exploits in the fields of glory.

  • At first it did not clarify anything with the new interface, I have to say that although I prefer the previous one, I understand the decision not to remove it again and I propose the following as improvements to the new interface: I would put the option to see the colors of the nations as a default. see much clearer the limitations of each country in this way; the lines of movement of the troops in combat (the red ones) cover the trajectory of other troops and it is difficult to differentiate; On the other hand, being able to see the cities inside with the buildings built, etc., would be good if it were to be implemented again even with a change of graphics, otherwise I will continue to give this game a chance that has given me so much time of fun, I hope some of these ideas are taken into account for the improvement of the new interface and that both veterans and new players and developers of the game are happy, thank you very much for your attention and I hope that Google translator will get this understood :)

  • im sure they could do that.. put the legacy things into the new version. the only quesstion is.. how easy is it to do just that.

    it might seem simple yet could be rather nasty with coding etc as its not the same code..

    hope they will though.. i prefer legacy too.

  • There's a couple of things that aren't making a whole lot of sense to me.

    Firstly, since there's only 5% of the people who preferred Legacy mode why are you "seemingly" so interested in trying to help us in trying to get the new UI working so WE will be happy? Technically with all of the "suggestions" that many of us have made, you're going to be spending a fortune in coding and development just to satisfy a very MINOR portion of your player base.

    Secondly, this is NOT the first time you've seen players making suggestions on how to improve the new UI and it's honestly sounding like you've done very little in the more than 2 years you've had to adjust and play with it. What are you going to do NOW in order to convince us that things are going to change QUICKLY?

    First thing you should do is take a strong, HARD look at the overall interface from a user friendly point of view. To be honest, it is NOT User-Friendly in any way and frankly, it's the type of thing I refer to as User-Hostile. ALL software and programs or APPS as they call them now need to be examined on the basis of whether or not they're intuitive. I personally have thrown software out based on how intuitive it is or is not.

  • :!:I would like to remind all to not break the forum rules, I and the moderation staff understand many are upset with the removal of legacy but it doesn't mean you are allowed to break the rules. Swearing and insulting players/bytro staffers is still not allowed. Please remain civil and respectful, and give constructive criticism. :!:

    It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent. It is the one that is most adaptable to change. -Charles Darwin

  • Code
    1. Pro for legacy mode:
    2. 1) Much clearer and simpler
    3. 2) Armies (infantry, artillery, fighters, bombers, etc.) can be seen and moved much better. Significantly smaller
    4. 3) Provinces: clearly more visible.
    5. 4) Provincial administration: much easier to manage
    6. 5) Exchange of goods:
    7. The division is clearer
    8. 6) Menu: My Games: Easy to use without having to go back to the main menu every time.
  • What happened here is the same thing that happened with the European Super League in Football.

    Financial considerations caused a crass attempt to force change on a proven product without any consideration from its supporters. The disdain towards traditional users is particularly galling - telling us that only a small fraction use legacy while all new users are deliberately directed into the new format.

    You cannot read the maps properly in the new format.

    The new format is a gaudy and stupefied gimmick of the previous. The criticism is constantly the same - its too difficult to read, interfering with the ability to do strategy, sacrificing effective gameplay for childish graphic enhancements. Proper espionage, the market, even trying to direct forces are impossible.

    But I fear this is all the start of a sinister process of merging us with the other games - supremacy 1 etc - into a new format totally different from what we enjoyed previously.

    I won't be starting any more games. Played since 2014.

  • Just adressed to all players that bought hc or goldmarks via PayPal.

    You can easely put a claim against Bytro and PayPal will accept the claim and will give you your money back.

    Don't be afraid to take back what is yours :p

  • 1.: die neue Version ist schlechter im Vergleich zu legacy was Ladezeit, Übersicht, Möglichkeiten und einfache Verwaltung aller Provinzen an geht.

    2.: Bei Ladezeit mache ich mir Sorgen um Kämpfe die in Sekundentakt geplant sind!

    3.: die übergroßen Darstellungen von bestimmten Einheiten ist Blödsinn und lässt Mapdarstellungen oft dumm aussehen. Auch nah zusammenstehende Armeen sind schlechter in der Darstellung und Verwaltung. Legacy ist viel einfacher und klarer in der Darstellung und Übersicht bzw schneller erkennbar was und wieviele Einheiten in einer Armee sind.

    4.: die Landdarstellungen was Bäume, Berge, Flachlanddarstellungen, ect an geht, ist unnötig, weil sie keinen Einfluss haben und Unnötig die Übersicht der Map rauben und wohl auch Ladezeit. Wer braucht 3D? Wenn ich meinen Atlas aus'm Schrank hole ist nichts 3D.

    5.: was das Argument an geht, es gibt kaum noch legacy-Nutzer, ist selbst Verursacht! Wie sollen schließlich Neue Nutzer die Legacy-Version nutzen, wenn Ihnen die Legacy-Version gar nicht angeboten wird?!

    Sicher, finden neue Nutzer das Spiel hauptsächlich zu erst auf dem playstore, wer aber aktiv was auf einer Map erreichen will, kommt nicht drum herum, auch am pc zu spielen! Vielleicht auf 32er Maps gerade noch so möglich, aber auf größeren devenitiv nicht! Allein die Provinzverwaltung, Mapübersicht, Kampfgeschehen zu beobachten, und dementsprechend zu agieren ect. zwingt einen den PC zu nutzen, oder zumindest einen größeren Bildschirm als das es bei dem Handy der Fall ist.

    6.: Sehr sehr schön bei Legacy ist, dass man die Restlaufzeit einer Armee angezeigt bekommt wenn man nur mit dem Mauszeiger über feindliche Armeen geht. Und nicht nur die Ankunftszeit. Das hat mehrere Vorteile! Zb. Es verrät dem Gegner nicht, dass man online ist. Weil man nicht das Ziel diregt editieren muss um Zeit und Dauer berechnen zu können was der Gegner natürlich sehen kann, wenn ich ihn editiere. Das fehlt mir bei der neuen Version absolut! und muss her. Jeder hat die gleiche Chance am pc und/oder am handy zu spielen. Ich sehe da keine Benachteiligung.

    7.: bitte denkt daran, supremacy nicht gleich aussehen zu lassen, wie ein mir bekanntes verdammt ähnliches Spiel. Mit den zusätzlichen Updates die früher oder später kommen werden, kann man ein Spiel weg lassen. Weil ja ähnlich, bzw gleich...

    8.: der neue Gratisgoldbutten ist übrigens meiner Meinung nach auch für die Tonne. Wer kauft dann noch großartig gm? alle Map's nur noch ausgetragen auf Basis von gm. Die ehrlichen Spieler werden eher benachteiligt, weil die Schummler immer einen Weg finden, das auszunutzen! ergo, mehr zu tun für bytro, das zu kontrollieren und zu prüfen, bzw mehr Verdachtsvorfälle auf Map's, die bearbeitet werden müssen.

    9.: Den Handel kann man dann vermutlich auch in die Tonne hauen, weil durch Gratisgold der unwichtiger wird. Vorallen beim Mapstartbeginn.

    10.: ich finde es gut, dass es eine app für das Spiel gibt, für die, die auch mal Unterwegs sind und außer Haus. Aber es sollte nicht das Ziel sein, ausschließlich sich nur darauf zu konzentrieren. Betrifft auch zum Teil Punkt 5 und 6

    11.: Was mir auch absolut fehlt bei der neuen Version, dass es die Funktion (Ziel hinzufügen Option in Verbindung mit Patroulie) bei Flugzeugen glaub nicht gibt. Schließlich will ich selbst entscheiden, welchen Weg meine Flugzeuge nehmen. Wo ihr Landeplatz sein soll und von wo ab sie patroulieren sollen und nicht etwa immer den kürzesten Weg.

    12.: ich spiele schon über 7 Jahre supremacy und das, obwohl es Anfangs keine app gab, keine neue Version, kein Goldbutten, ect. Ich fande es gut, so wie es war! Aber jetzt?...

    Ich habe mir extra noch den Aufwand gemacht, mich hier im Forum neu zu registrieren um meine Stimme ab zu geben und bitte um Reaktion oder Gegenargumente aus Sicht der Moderatorseite.

    danke für Gehör, Graflord

  • The only way to improve the new mode is to make it look exactly the same like the legacy mode

    i dont think we can make it look EXACTLY like legacy mode, but im sure bytro would listen if we provide suggestions to make it closer to it, like the low graphics mode is already a huge improvement for me :)

    All is fair in love and war

  • Is What it is, can not change what is out of our control. IMO Bytro has again embraced their true nature as a business seeking to make profit and this display is the model which is most profitable across the internet. No-one no matter how invested into this game, can take anything that is a business/profit decision personal. However, Bytro regularly claims changes are made for the majority, that they are working to help us, protect us, etc... after so many times hearing same exact lip service, this whole Legacy/Revamp Feed Back Thread seems like another Standard Betrayal.

    Meanwhile, for years now I have heard the 'EXCUSE" from Bytro that the reason this or that BUG occurred is because some fix in CoW or NWE caused it... basically 3 games all using same template , some how corrections to one game affects the other Bytro games...I do Hope that this REVAMP will stop this Template Pattern issue with bugs FOREVER.

    This is Simply an opportunity to vent, little will change, new updates will be talked about, mostly updates no-one asked for and updates will certainly not be what community has asked for in this thread... eventually when Bytro calculates they have heard enough; cancelling the outspoken in the community will start, I have witnessed this pattern in past > those that say too much or fail to frame their complaints in a politically correct way will vanish from Forum for some time.

    I have read and said enough, good luck with this REVAMP.


    Embrace your true nature , enjoy games and have fun!

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  • remove all graphic models and animation effects plz, leave only banners- this should solve 50% of problems

    then make sure diplomacy works, trades work, displaying things works, movement works, selecting units works

    I am not able to trade with people using revamp

    and I am not able to change status to war in diplomacy window so I am forced to make sneak attacks lowering my popularity-

    it shouldnt be like that

    that mode is simply not working and it should be replaced by something that works - immediately